Can an Aussie become the next American Idol?

Australian Michael Johns is one of the top 12 boys in the current series of American Idol.

Earlier today the contestants sat and waited to be called, and then made their long journey to the elevator and that long walk to the judges table for the verdict. Johns was given the good news via unanimous decision.

He is now one of the Top 24 in contention.

Perth-raised Johns made an impression on day one with a rendition of a Doors song. On day four of the auditions, he sang Bohemian Rhapsody.

Judge Randy Jackson said, “I’ve been a fan since day one,” and the acerbic Simon Cowell described his as “the best audition of the day.”

Johns band The Rising was signed by Madonna’s Maverick label but later dropped. But it was long enough for him to marry a Texan gal and land a green card.

Episode 11 – 12 boys compete – Wednesday 20th Feb at 7.30pm
Episode 12 – 12 girls compete – Thursday 21st Feb at 7.30pm
Episode 13 – Results show (4 will be eliminated) – Sunday 24th Feb at 7.30pm

American Idol screens on FOX8.

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