Everybody loves good guest roles

The enigmatic Stephen Fry is reportedly interested in making a guest appearance in Neighbours.

Actress Caitlin Stasey, who plays Rachel Kinski, is related to the British actor and says he is keen to film a cameo.

Stasey told The Mirror, “Stephen’s sister is my uncle Philip’s wife, so we see him at family events.

“He tells me how much he loves the show and how he’s keen to make a guest appearance, in the way people such as Neil Morrissey and the Little Britain guys Matt [Lucas] and David [Walliams] have done.”

The Brits love to make their mark on the long-running soap. Pet Shop Boys’ Chris Lowe, Emma Bunton and Michael Parkinson are among other celebrities to have popped up on Ramsay Street.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. OMG! Why is that show still going? Don’t they realise no matter how many “celibrity” guest stars they have,how many times they update the opening credits/music they just cant remake the show.
    Stop living in the past 10.

  2. I believe the people you’ve mentioned have appeared on NEIGHBOURS, not Ramsay Street. 😛

    Besides, whatever happened to David Spade’s supposed guest role?

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