King of the Demo

Martial arts expert Fred Simmons appeared yesterday on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and right off the bat this interview went dreadfully.

The guy had no idea of talk show etiquette, and insulted previous guest Will Ferrell. Has there ever been such an awkward Tonight Show guest? (tip: watch clip first before reading the rest of post.)

Sorry to burst the bubble, but if you have seen the whole clip you probably suspected he is actually an actor, Danny McBride from the film The Foot Fist Way.

Kenny and Borat have a lot to answer for!

Still, it had me fooled for a few minutes!


  1. I suspected it was staged right away after the camera bit, Letterman often does staged guests like this where he introduces them as he would any other guest and the interview will start off as usual,

    But then letterman will ask something or they will mess up on purpose and usually all hell breaks loose

  2. HA! That was a crack up.
    I didnt read your full description till I watched the vid and just the way the guy strolled out I was thinking “Uh-Oh!”
    When it hit the part about wondering why the add for his dojo didnt magically appear in front of him I was starting to wonder lol.
    Great stuff, thanks Dave, good bonus for work 🙂
    Conans taking over Leno’s spot this year ?
    I like Conans sense of humor more than Lenos, he is defiantly getting better and better.

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