Melissa Tkautz for SBS role

First it was Toni Pearen, now former E Street star Melissa Tkautz is heading back to a dramatic role on television.

Tkautz, 33, will star in the SBS comedy The Couriers, billed as a cross between the network’s cult show Fat Pizza and the acclaimed British series The Office.

Production begins next month. An SBS spokeswoman said the show would air this year.

Tkautz had a successful pop career in the 1990s with Read My Lips and Sexy (Is The Word), making a brief return to the charts with The Glamorous Life album in December 2006.

The Couriers should raise her profile, which, she admits has seen “lots of low points.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Good ole Melissa – she always keeps plodding along – her latest album was in fact quite good but no one bought it 🙁
    An appearance on Dancing With The Stars is what she needs!!

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