More crazed rantings from Gary Busey

And here’s one more moment of Mr Gary Busey on the Oscars Red Carpet.

After already harrassing Ryan Seacrest, take a look at what happened with an 11yo reporter for the website

“I have interviewed many celebrities from Zac Efron to Paris Hilton. I like to ask questions that mean something to me and the readers of StarzLife,” said the 11yo reporter.

“On Sunday night I was covering a charity event for StarzLife at the Beverly Hills Hilton for Children Uniting Nations. All of the celebrities that I interviewed that night were inspirational, patient and kind except for Mr. Gary Busey. I respect Mr. Busey but to be honest by the end of my interview with him for StarzLife I felt sorry for him. This is America and as a member of the press I believe in freedom of speech but in my opinion Mr. Busey has some growing up to do and should follow some of his own advice.”


  1. KnoxOverstreet

    Lol Gary Busey is a laugh riot! And a breath of fresh air i might add amongst all the stuffy PC hollywood types. He even got a mention in a Letterman top 10..something about sending him to their enemies to confuse and harass them lol.

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