Prisoner fan reunion

Fans of iconic TEN soap Prisoner are gathering with former cast members for a reunion later this month.

The Melbourne-based event will feature Maggie Millar (Marie Winter), Lois Collinder (Alice ‘Lurch’ Jenkins), Desiree Smith (Delia Stout), Maxine Klibingaitis (Bobbie Mitchell), Reylene Pearce (Phylis C. Hunt), Kylie Foster (Angel Adams) and Marianne Brooke (Babs Martin).

In 2004 a 25th Anniversary Party was attended by some of the better known cast members including Val Lehman, Jane Clifton, Glenda Linscott, Mary Ward, Lesley Baker, and Anne Phelan. Casting queen Jan Russ and theme tune songstress Lynne Hamilton also attended.

Press Release:
Partners in Crime are thrilled to announce a last minute guest confirmation for this year’s Priz party: MAGGIE MILLAR (or the divine Miss M as she’s known to Priz fans) will definitely be joining us on Feb 23rd.

Maggie is of course known to millions of Priz fans as the iconic Marie Winter, and also built up a huge following after appearing in Neighbours.

We understand that Maggie rarely attends Prisoner events in Australia so we are delighted that she will be joining us.

In addition to Maggie, the following stars will also be joining our little gathering:

LOIS COLLINDER (Alice ‘Lurch’ Jenkins)
KYLIE FOSTER (Angel Adams)

We have also just heard that independent Australian film-maker Tim Spanos will also be coming along.

Tim was the writer/director responsible for the aptly named film Prisoner Queen (starring Jude Kuring), and his latest film Moonlight and Magic (starring Maxine K, Reylene P and Elspeth B) has recently picked up a number of awards at international film festivals.

So come along and join us on Sat Feb 23rd for a real Prisoner rave up.

The party is at a private venue in Melbourne’s west, tickets are $85 and include Priz goody bag, traditional Aussie bbq and entry to our legendary Priz quiz.

To book tickets please email [email protected]

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