Returning: Stargate Atlantis, King of the Hill

Seven is returning cult favourite Stargate Atlantis to screens on Thursday Feb 21 at 11:00pm.

“No Man’s Land” from season 3 aired in the US in July 2006.

It will also resume new episodes of King of the Hill.

But don’t get excited about the timeslot. It’s on at the absurd time of 12:30pm Saturdays.

The comedy returns on Saturday February 16 with “The Peggy Horror Picture Show.”

It aired in the US in January 2007.


  1. That’s a good pic too …
    Season 3 ??? … it gets really good towards the end … it is already on DVD I think …
    Season 4 is great … but don’t worry about the original pic … by the time 7 get to Season 4 everyone will have forgotten all about it. And no-one would have noticed if I had’t opend my trap anyway … sorry!

  2. Do we mean Starget Atlantis Season 4???
    If so, it is the best season yet and getting more addictive now that Stargate SG1 has finished on TV. And the movie referred to was probably the original movie with Kurt Russell in it … which I don’t like either, but LOVE Stargate SG1.
    The first After Stargate movie “The Ark Of Truth” is out on DVD in the US on 11th March … thank god for multizone players!

  3. The Stargate movies (two straight to DVD movies) haven’t even been released yet. Only an unfinished dvd screener is available.

    I don’t know how something that hasn’t been released can fail miserably. 😛

  4. The Human Dree

    The recent Stargate full feature Movie has failed miserably to it regular viewers, I wonder how it will bleed through to Aussie networks. Another early axing??

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