Shelley Craft lands Funniest Home Videos

Shelley Craft will replace Toni Pearen as the new host of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

Craft, who recently joined Nine from Seven, is also the co-presenter of the upcoming Domestic Blitz.

“It has been around so long and is an institution,” she told the Daily Telegraph, while filming her first episodes of the series.

“As far as a TV career is concerned you want a good show that rates, and this one has done that for 19 years so it’s an amazing thing to be part of.”

Pearen leaves AFHV to return to acting. Craft follows a line of previous hosts including Kim Kilbey, Catriona Rowntree, Jo Beth Taylor, Lisa Patrick, Jackie MacDonald and Graham Kennedy.


  1. Im just enquiring does anyone have shelley crafts email address or even fan mail. I am a senior school student and she is pretty much what i aspire to be when im older a journalist/ media presenter. I just want to email her and ask a few questions about her career, etc. That would be fantastic if anyone could help πŸ™‚

  2. I have sent a tape of my dog Sammy a few weeks ago(she plays the yukelele) and wondering if you received it. Could you please let me know.
    From Doreen and Sammy

  3. Shelley is gorgeous, i’ve notices she doesn’t wear her wedding band? Any clues as to why? She is like a breath of fresh air, Toni was lovely too….

  4. Shelley love your work but dont sell your talent short by trying to sell this Australia’s (AMERICAS) funniest home videos. no-one like’s the way your coming up short. Now in saying that I would hate for you to end up with some little yuppie rich boy, so I am always available to have a talk.
    Kind regards
    Ross Bolaned

  5. When Shelly comes along, I’ll start watching the show again. As an earlier post stated, big loss for 7 and gain for 9. Hopefully, since channel 9 has kind of been ticking me off for the past half year.
    It’s one of the oldest funny video shows though. Actually, the only Aussie one. I really hope that channel 7 doesn’t attempt at any more funny video shows. I can’t remember seeing any audience on them.

  6. If there was one show that needn’t bother with a host, it would be Funny Home Videos. I enjoy watching the show for its mindless entertainment value, but the show’s hosts over the years have been almost unbearable. Shelley Craft will be no exception if her previous hosting roles are to go by.

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