Show Watch: So You Think You Can Dance Australia

TEN’s new reality series So You Think You Can Dance Australia is its brightest new hope in 2008. TEN reality series have traditionally blitzed ratings in their first year and there is every reason to expect this to do likewise.

Dancing stars should stay at home as this show seeks to uncover fresh, exuberant talent. And as other shows have demonstrated, Australia loves to watch dancing. If ever there is a performing art that was skewed for a visual medium, it is dance.

Heading up the show is our own Natalie Bassingthwaighte, a girl with a track record in musical theatre before she ever set foot on the set of Neighbours. Similarly judges Matt Lee and Jason Coleman have a long history in Aussie theatre. They are joined by the required British (nasty?) judge, Bonnie Lythgoe. Choreographers Kelley Abbey and Jason Gilkinson also bring good cred with them.

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Top 20
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Sneak Peak sizzle reel with Caleb dancing

Ninth Elimination: Demi / Kate / Rhys
Eighth Elimination: Vanessa / Graeme
Seventh Elimination: Rhiannon / Henry
Sixth Elimination: Jemma / Anthony
Fifth Elimination: Camilla / JD
Fourth Elimination: Laura / Sermsah
Third Elimination: Stephanie / Marko
Second Elimination: Kassie / Hilton
First Elimination: Courtney / Khaly

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  1. Besides Cassie’s exit I reckon the judges have been pretty much spot-on with their selections of who should go. Although, when Australia takes matters into their own hands in the top 10 show, the results are going to suck. Well, for me anyway. My favourites never seem to get far in reality TV series where Australia decides who gets the spot/prize. I’d rather they just leave it with the judges until the final 6, but oh well. Its an entertaining show and more fun than yet another Dancing With The Stars/It Takes Two/Australian Idol season. Something refreshing.

  2. TEN will record Sunday dance offs in front of a studio audience on Fridays, which they claim is for technical requirements (and being dance there’s probably some truth in that).

    Monday shows are live to air.

  3. I would love to get a list of the music used in the first round auditions. In particular the duo from Perth who were amazing and are heading to Sydney!

  4. Hey! Surprise!
    I never liked this show, even when I tried to
    Don’t speak now it’s my turn baby uh uh
    I never liked this show, and I won’t pretend to

    and the host does look too plastic and fake..

  5. I wasn’t really serious about Gretel … my point was that almost anyone (except Eddie and Andrew O’Keefe) would be a more appealing host than the plastic phoney they chose.

  6. Gretel?! Even though I’m not a fan, I will admit she is a good host, but for SYTYCD you need someone who radiates cool, with it helping if they have some cred behind them. Gretel simply is too old and stiff for a show like this.

  7. I can’t stand Natalie Bassingthwaight … always detested her … she is a very bad choice for host! It should have been Gretel!
    I would proboaly have watched the show otherwise!

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