Viewers irate as Moonlight vanishes

Channel Nine may have misjudged viewer annoyance when it decided to drop Moonlight from its schedule.

As reported here earlier, the show was pulled from Nine’s Wednesday night line-up along with ER and Men in Trees.

As the network gears up for the first week of ratings next week, the shows are nowhere in sight.

Disgruntled viewers went online last night looking for answers, and many of them came to TV Tonight. Here is a sample of their views:

“I suspect like quite a few people I was somewhat demystified at 9.30 when there appeared to be some movie on instead of Moonlight. I am thoroughly disappointed as have been enjoying Moonlight immensely. I don’t see what’s to be gained by taking off a programme halfway through the series and replacing it with some pretty ordinary movie that everyone has seen already? Does anyone know how we can complain to Channel 9?”

“I started watching Moonlight when it started and have been enjoying it from day one. I tuned in tonight – and oh look, catch me if you can is on…”

“I am really tired of Australian TV networks moving time slots and messing around with programming. It goes on all the time.”

“Is it any wonder that people are turning to Peer to Peer file sharing programs to download TV episodes?”

“Channel Nine is dead to me. “We heart TV” is their slogan – they must hate their viewers, then.”

Moonlight was the only thing I watched on WIN. How do they expect their ads to sell me things if now I’ll never see them, as there’s nothing else they show I want to view.”

Moonlight was a great show, but now I’m downloading it – screw commercial TV *fume*”

Moonlight also rated highest amongst viewers of this site in survey that asked them to nominate their favourite summer “sleeper” hit.


  1. No surprise here. I almost fell for the temptation to wait for Ch 9to show these episodes rather than watch them online from the US. So pleased I didn’t fall for it! Not going to fall for it with The Terminator series either – have enjoyed the first four episodes of The Terminator series immensely. I’m sure Ch 9 will just cause us grief if we rely on them to treat it appropriately as well.

  2. I too am totally disgusted with them taking off Moonlight. I am an ER fan from way back and was thrilled when I saw they were bringing it back. Then I saw the promos to Moonlight, best thing since slice bread according to Nine, so I gave it a shot. And for a change Nine was right. It is brilliant. Gets good reviews, makes good ratings. Wednesday was great, best night of the week. I should have known better when I saw them put it alongside ER.They have been running a few episodes of ER then taking it off for a few years now. I have washed my hands of Nine and will be downloading any Nine programs I want to watch off the net from now on. I refuse to support a station and their sponsors when they obviously have no concern for their viewers.

  3. I was trying to search for some answers as to why Moonlight was not on last night and was very irate when I saw that it has been pulled from the network!Australian networks must stop doing this to viewers after half a season as I am very close to boycotting commercial tv altogether!
    Moonlight is an awesome show with a fantastic cast… it has had me hooked since day 1 and I am disappointed that I will now have to wait for a DVD release to finish watching the season. When will the networks learn to listen to what the viewers want instead of chopping and changing programs willy-nilly???

  4. I cannot understand taking off Moonlight completely when it only has 4 episodes to go.
    It was rating well.
    I understand the hype around Underbelly but surely it could have been left in the 9.30pm slot after the premiere of Underbelly or switched to another night for the 4 episodes.
    I rarely watch Tv shows live any more and this just goes to show why. When you get interested in a show, the waste of space TPTB pull it in the middle of a series.

  5. Oh! Now I see that UNDERBELLY is due for showing next Wednesday … maybe it will get stopped by the courts and we will get MOONLIGHT back??? Yeah, right!
    At least put it on a Tuesday night or SOMETHING???
    Otherwise, once again you are encouraging us to turn to downloading of a show that you, NINE, got us hooked on!
    Don’t start screening shows unless you are COMMITTED to the whole run at a reasonable time! That goes for ALL networks!

  6. WHAT???
    I LOVE that show … this has made me very, very angry!
    Enough! Channel 9 … the programmers need to be FIRED immediately and get someone in who actually has some idea of what viewers REALLY like to watch! (Don’t quote that ratings garbage at me!)
    You do not LOVE TV or you would realise that it is a great show … prove that you are not a bunch of idiots … and put it back on next week … or prove me right otherwise!

  7. I saw the first episode of this on 9 and enjoyed it, but purposely didn’t continue watching because i knew exactly what nine would do with it, just like they’ve done with so many other shows in the past.

    I realise it’s been said before, but people are just going to continue downloading when channels treat their viewers like this. It seems there really is no way to get it through their heads.

  8. I was loving that show as well. Like somebody was saying it’s the only show we have been watching in our house. Channel 9, in fact nearly all the channels now, have a history of this sort of behaviour. They’ll either remove a show with no explanation or outright lie by claiming it’s the season finale. How they expect anyone to believe that one when some shows are only a few episodes in is beyond me.

    These days I’m starting to get very cynical about any shows I like. I watch them, I enjoy them, but under no circumstances should I allow myself to get attached to them. You never know when the time will be changed, an episode skipped, or the whole series simply never shown again. Oh, and never believe any ads for shows – they’re nearly always incorrect and usually make any new show sound like a bad soap opera.

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