WIN drops The Mint

WIN Television has dropped Channel Nine’s The Mint from its late-night schedule.

A spokesperson for the regional network said, “WIN merely wants to provide entertainment to its viewers and in doing so removed The Mint.”

Last year during a battle over revenue and a bidding war for the Nine affiliate in Perth, WIN exerted some muscle by dropping both The Catch-Up and Mornings with Kerri-Anne from its schedule.

It reinstated Kerri-Anne last week, screening the chat show from 12 midday.

But The Mint has now lost a large portion of its regional audience, and therefore, its income stream.

In many areas it has been replaced by WIN News and a repeat of the Ellen De Generes Show. It remains on air in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Comment was sought from the Nine Network.

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  1. pity WIN doesn’t move their classic Australian dramas to an earlier timeslot now that they’ve moved The Mint. Even midnight would be better than 3am!!

  2. Why the fuck does Channel 9 Adelaide not have the dots? It is completely ridiculous and means that there is no uniified brand.. WIN cover’s up the logo on the Today Show, Nightline and WWOS. They are a cheap and tacky regional affiliate that has the worst on air graphics i’ve ever seen. WIN should stay out of capital cities and not interfer with national branding!

  3. “WIN merely wants to provide entertainment to its viewers and in doing so removed The Mint.”

    WIN, you’ve made my day. Finally someone prepared to call a steaming pile of dog droppings a… err, steaming pile of dog droppings.

    Over to you, Nine. Time for the scam to end yet?

  4. The Mint stopped airing on WIN TV in Canberra almost a week ago, They now Air a movie from 1.30am till 3am.

    I am very glad they decided to do this The Mint was unbearable and i much prefer a movie like they used to Air from 1-3 am although i would like to see Sitcoms and shows like Bargain Hunt, Airport etc for a bit of light entertainment during the early hours

  5. Are you sure about Adelaide? Seems like if WIN want entertainment after midnight, then their move to keep it on in Adelaide is a contradiction.

    Just hoping and praying on my part 😀

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