Zach: "I wasn’t boned"

Zach Douglas last night responded to media articles that said he had been dropped from The NightCap panel, following his advice to a viewer email.

Douglas gave ‘Lisa from Melbourne’ some oral sex tips when she wrote that her boyfriend wouldn’t kiss her during sex.

Last night in his new role as an entertainment reporter from Melbourne, Zach said, “I haven’t been boned.”

He said he was more comfortable in a role that was more suited to his skills.

“The more serious topics I don’t have a lot to say on.”

Douglas added he had “more to say about a woman in a pink frock than (he did on) Kevin Rudd.”

“The reason we got rid of Ask Zach is it wasn’t fitting the show… it was slowing things down,” he said.

Moving on to his newly titled segment Ask Zach, he then presented clips of Gary Busey on the Red Carpet (Zach, you didn’t say “Jennifer Gardner” did you?) followed by Jimmy Kimmel’s follow-up to the Sarah Silverman song about Matt Damon.

Kind of seems odd Zach wasn’t present to tackle the first serious topic of the night, involving homophobia in US high schools.

Still, James Tobin did a good job in his place, and wasn’t shy in speaking up.


  1. Of course he was down graded, not sitting at the “panel” full time is a down grade considering that was the original job he was asked to do.
    And the Silverman, Damon song? Oh boy, he is not very up with the times, it is so last week, Kimmel has replied with the “I’m F****ng Ben Affleck song” (which is WAY better than Sarah’s song and a crap load more cameos) and now in the last day followed by the “I’m f****ng Seth Rogan” song that appeared on Kevin Smith’s site, both Rogan and counterpart is featuring is Smiths new film “Zach and Mirri make a Porno” which is just about to wrap filming….

    Come on Zach, you were dumped because your not to bright!!

    Deal with it!!

  2. I’m glad to see Zach go. He brought nothing to the table. Although the look of horror on his co-hosts faces during his “Ask Zach” question time made for great TV viewing.

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