9HD Guide March 23 – March 30

Fans of The Veronicas might want to check out 9HD next week when it adds WB comedy-drama Related to its late-night schedule. The Veronicas wrote the theme tune, and their music was heavily used across the series. The show about four NYC sisters of Italian descent however, didn’t fire, and only lasted 18 eps. It stars Jennifer Esposito (Samantha Who?).

Unlike its commercial counterparts, 9HD continues to focus on offering many of its SD programmes in high definition. Allowing viewers to see shows like National Nine News, ACA, Two and a Half Men, Moment of Truth, CSI, CSI: NY, Terminator: Sarah Connor, Underbelly and Cashmere Mafia in high-def is a deliberate contrast to treating the HD channel as some sort of “new channel.”

The following shows differ from the SD channel in the week March 23 – 30.

Sun Mar 23
11pm War At Home ep 1
11:30pm Four Kings ep 1
12am Movie: The Stranger Beside Me

Mon Mar 24
10:30pm Nightline
11pm E Ring ep 2
12am Movie: Word of Honour

Tues Mar 25
10:30pm Nightline
11pm E Ring ep 3
12am Movie: the Royal Scandal

Wed Mar 26
10:30pm Nightline
11pm Related Ep 1 debut
12am Movie: Cavedweller

Thu Mar 27
9:30pm Invasion
10:30pm Nightline
11pm The Mountain ep 2

Sat Mar 29
8:30pm – 12am Taken eps 3 & 4

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  1. 9HD is a lot better than I thought it’d be, and trumps 7HD right now. Invasion and Related are reason enough to watch this. Still, Ten HD is still probably the best HD network to watch, but 9HD has a lot of potential and its early days yet.

  2. Odd. Everybody seemed to have a whinge about the TEN HD logo when in fact the 9HD logo is MUCH, MUCH worse. The “HD” bit at the end of the logo looks ridiculous and out of place.

    Still, I’ve been underwhelmed by all the HD networks. I’m still waiting for Ten HD to repeat Torchwood and The O.C. (although the latter is merely a pipedream).

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