Airdate: Animal Emergency, Returning: RFDS

Georgie Parker sure is a busy girl this year.

We’ll be seeing her in Emerald Falls on TEN, Scorched on Nine and later this month, also on Nine’s Animal Emergency.

Nine is premiering the observational series at 6:30pm Sunday March 16, the same family feelgood slot warmed up by Seven’s The Zoo.

It will be followed by the return of RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service, a worthy series that was fumbled by programming last year.

It is narrated by actor Steve Bisley.

Press Release:
In 2008 the Nine Network will present Animal Emergency, an inspiring new series which showcases the love, care and heartbreaking emotion in one of the world’s largest animal hospitals, right here in Australia.

With more than 100,000 unwanted, homeless and injured animals to care for each year, the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne has given Nine unprecedented access to every facet of its organisation which cares for animals around the clock.

Hosted by Georgie Parker, Animal Emergency will take you from the intensive care unit to the surgery, on the road with the hospital’s ambulance service, and be there when families arrive with their beloved pets.

Viewers will see the joy of pet adoption, the perils of unusual pet ownership, the incredible will to live that possesses the most determined animals, and the people who have dedicated a career to protecting them.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital employs around 150 staff and can care for a capacity of 350 animals.

Channel Nine’s cameras capture the daily drama that unfolds in its eight consulting suites, four surgical theatres, large dental and small procedures room and 16 animal wards, including a special intensive care unit and isolation ward.

Lort Smith provides emergency shelter for animals that are homeless or victims of domestic violence, rehouses pets of deceased estates, and provides quality veterinary care for families who struggle financially.

The hospital fosters and houses animals until a suitable home is found, destroying them only as a last resort on veterinary grounds.

Together the Nine Network and Lort Smith Animal Hospital will open your heart to the unending devotion of the veterinary staff, the gut-wrenching decisions pet owners have to make, and that special quality pets have to make you smile when Animal Emergency premieres 6.30pm on Sunday, March 16 on Channel Nine.

RFDS is based in the rugged outback town of Broken Hill. It follows the stories that begin with a call-in to the Flying Doctor base and fan out across the vast expanse of south-eastern Australia .

As well as the extreme isolation, the unpredictable working conditions and risks involved in every emergency call-out heighten the sense of urgency in these stories of struggle and survival set against the backdrop of the Australian outback, which is still in the grip of drought.

The series presents stories of amazing drama and hope from the continent’s vast interior as it explores the world of dedicated teams of RFDS pilots, flight nurses and doctors, and the brave and hardy people they encounter.

RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service is produced by Granada Productions with the co-operation of patients and staff of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, South Eastern Section. Narrated by Steve Bisley.


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  1. ryllercoaster

    where does this put “this is your life” given that it is supposedly returning this sunday night? is there only one ep or is it going to thursdays to replace RPA?

    lol, would be kinda funny for Sydney viewers.. Mike Munro reads the Sunday news there.. “and now over to my pre-recorded self with TIYL!”

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