Airdate: Ladette to Lady. Bumped: Terminator

Nine really is sinking to new levels for Tuesday, April 1. Must be the date.

It’s not enough that it will screen Moment of Truth’s most offensive episode, but following Kitchen Nightmares it will debut the British reality series Ladette to Lady.

Designed as a modern ‘My Fair Lady,’ it is essentially another in the ilk of Australian Princess (fabulous), complete with foul-mouthed young women. Nine is obviously keen to strike on the success of the popularity of Ramsay.

It will screen on Tuesday at 9:30pm, which pushes Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles forward to 10:30pm -and out of HD broadcast. It conflicts with Nine’s Nightline in HD.

Nine screens the first series, which has already aired in Oz on subscription TV.

April Fool’s Day will be quite a night’s viewing on Nine.

The New Oxford English Dictionary officially lists “ladette” as a word for the first time, defining it as: “young women who behave in a boisterously assertive or crude manner and engage in heavy drinking sessions.”

Today, ladettes are running wild in Britain. Their foul mouths, binge-drinking, and sexually rampant antics are in danger of becoming a permanent feature of modern life – and Ladette to Lady has been devised as a radical solution to this new phenomenon. The series premieres on Nine at 9.30pm Tuesday, April 1.

It is the most ambitious social experiment since My Fair Lady. This reality show sends ten of Britain’s most notorious ladettes to an old fashioned ladies’ finishing school. Reopening what used to be one of the leading schools of its kind, Eggleston Hall in Teesdale, makes for the apt venue. To run the school, the show has recruited authentic finishing school staff headed by Jean Broke Smith, principal of Lucie Clayton’s School of Grooming and Modelling for over 30 years.

In the first episode the ladettes arrive at Eggleston Hall to embark on the five-week diploma course. Stripped of their mobiles, trainers and trousers, the girls are shoe-horned into twinsets, A-line skirts and sensible court shoes. The transformation is remarkable and in their first deportment – flower arranging and elocution lessons – the ladettes behave like model pupils.

If the girls thought Eggleston Hall would be one big party then they have to think again – because every week one pupil faces expulsion. The ladettes quickly learn that this finishing school can finish very early indeed for some.

In this rip-roaring yet revealing factual entertainment series, the ladettes will also undergo two months of intensive training before they have to face a final challenge: Can they pass themselves off at a full-blown society ball?

Ladette To Lady premieres on Tuesday, April 1 at 9.30pm following Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.


  1. I hope programmers from channel 9 read this forum. Yep! They’ve done it again. Idiots.
    The time switch between Sarah Connor and Ramsay was tolerable, but bumping Terminator for Ladettes (which like us, many have seen already and don’t want to watch again!) is madness. This is weekend, or late night tv. I’m sure there are many, many more fans of Terminator than there ever will be of Ladettes. This is definitely the way to piss them off instead of letting the series complete in a watchable timeslot. Maybe we’ll start watching the Murder Club instead.

  2. Luke (sexyer1)

    I feel NINE has lost the plot, it is my opinion that they are making some very bad programming choices in an effort to try to prove to Australian viewers that they still ‘(heart) TV’ after failing in ratings, but I feel they’ve rapidly lost touch with entertainment! They’d be better off just selling the network, they don’t want the network and they can’t even be bothered to make it work, so just sell it to someone who will fix it.

  3. Isn’t there like 3 more episode of Sarah Conner to go or something!
    I also caught Ladette to Lady on ABC2, it was pretty crap compared to Australian Princess which is really saying something.
    Channel nine is laughable.
    Neon Kitten, my download quoata just got halved and I am suffering with end of month, no downloading syndrome.
    Top Chef and Top Model are actually going on without me!!!!

  4. Oh nice one, Nine. Not.

    Count me in with the “what the hell were they thinking” crowd. Ladette To Lady simply isn’t going to attract more people than TSSC. I presume their decision to run it is based on the fact that it’s got a lot of feral girls in it that say “f***” a lot, thereby pleasing the Ramsay audience who of course only watch Ramsay for the swearing. Not.

    Anyway, it’s not as though TSSC had all that many episodes left to go. Why couldn’t they just leave it alone till then? These blind-panic schedule changes are basically a neat way of reminding viewers that they are worthless to the network. The 9.30 time slot is still listed in printed guides, by the way.

    And SD only? Gee, thanks for that Nine.

    Ah well. Luckily for me, my download limit just got tripled, so I can download the HD versions instead. Anyone know what episode number next Tuesday’s episode is going to be?

  5. > which pushes Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles forward to 10:30pm -and out of HD broadcast

    David, what does “out of HD broadcast” mean ? Can you please clarify ?


  6. Sarah Connor was never going to succeed on 9. If 10 had picked it up it would be in a good timeslot and rating strongly with it’s target demographic.

  7. Already seen this show its not bad but to replace Terminator timeslot is just plain stupid

    This show Ladette to Lady was shown on ABC2 late last year already what is Nine thinking….

  8. I ahev watched a series of LTL which was screened on ABC last year. It was mildly amusing and I will watch it if it doesn’t clash with something else. I would rather they had given us Survivor Micronesia though.

  9. KnoxOverstreet

    Considering TSCCs ratings it seems like it’s a logical move from Nine. As for LTL not my cuppa tea but it may appeal to some of those watching Ramsay.

  10. What’s this, the 2nd shafting of timeslot for Terminator(8:30-9:30pm, then 9:30-10:30pm) What’s the bet the next shafting will be all together from nine’s schedule?

  11. i am completely disinterested in this new show, now i have to follow sarah conner back another hour, hopefully another channel will see fit to put something appealing on earlier in the night coz channel 9 sure hasn’t

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