Airdate: My Kid’s a Star

Uh oh. Nine’s threatened ‘cute kids’ talent reality show will premiere at 7:30pm Wednesday April 9.

Hosted by Cameron Daddo it follows 10 children and their parents through a 6 week bootcamp. Former Partridge Family brat Danny Bonaduce is one of the show’s judges.

He is also the host of the VH1 original I Know My Kid’s a Star screening in the US. But that show hasn’t had great reviews.

The NY Daily News said “The best hope for I Know My Kid’s a Star (US version above) is that some viewers will think it’s so bad, it’s interesting. But this competition among wanna-be child stars and their wanna-be stage parents isn’t bad in the kind of way where everyone can sit down afterward, put a few straws in a milkshake and have a good laugh. It’s bad in a much creepier way.”

Hopefully Nine’s local version will have a little more irony and ‘good trash’ value. It also sounds like the Aussie version spares the kids having to get cut by the judges -that’s a fate for their parents.

Screening in a Wednesday 7:30pm timeslot, it will be so strange to see the show followed by Underbelly.

Troubled former US child star Danny Bonaduce, who rose to international fame on the television hit The Partridge Family, joins the show in episode one as a special guest judge and a mentor to these aspiring young performers and more importantly their stage parents.

Bonaduce joins the regular, fierce but fair judging panel, which includes leading Australian celebrity talent manager Max Markson and the fiery Marki Costello, the American owner and president of Creative Management Entertainment Group. Marki is also the granddaughter of comedy legend Lou Costello, of Abbott and Costello fame.

My Kid’s A Star features 10 parent/child teams who live together in one house as they fight for the title of child star and $50,000. We follow their journey from rehearsals to performances and get to see exactly what happens backstage. These parents will do whatever it takes to make their child the next big star.

Meet the budding star teams: Elaine and Abby (12 years old), Natalia and Amber (16), Kristina and TJ (10), Maro and Thomas (16), Rachael and Claudia (9), Shane and Dale (14), Leila and Victoria-Rose (14), Jennie and Ashleigh (14), Louise and Max (15) and Thereza and Sam (12).

With tough challenges for the kids and the parents, the series prepares these wannabes for the difficulties that a career in the entertainment industry will bring. Special guest stars The Veronicas, Nikki Webster and Ricki-Lee Coulter are also on hand to give advice on how they managed to combine a career with growing up in the public eye.

The first challenge is for the kids to perform a prepared solo routine of their choice. The judges critique each performance, and the mood suddenly changes when the judges deliver their verdict – who will break down, and who will be tough?

The realities of the entertainment business become clearer to the parents, and each week as the parents and kids are put through challenges the judges will eliminate one parent/child team who just won’t make it in the cut-throat world of showbiz.

My Kid’s A Star was produced by Eyeworks Australia for the Nine Network..

Additional source: NY Daily News

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