Axed: The Night Cap

Was it a lack of 7HD revenue, Zach Douglas’ sex advice, the casting of Jessica Rowe -or just the fact that this was little more than Sunrise late at night?

Either way, we won’t be seeing any more of The Night Cap.

Seven managed to pass off its Easter absence as one of several shows resting in the non-ratings period (though we don’t yet have any ratings for HD channels). Nor was the show scheduled for the week commencing March 30 either, a pretty generous 3rd week holiday for such a new show.

But it isn’t scheduled for the week of April 6 either. TV Tonight couldn’t get a clear cut answer on a return date from Seven today. Is that because there isn’t one? You bet.

Show’s over people….

7HD remains the testing ground for Andrew O’Keefe’s forthcoming “Tonight” show, The Late Andrew O’Keefe sometime this year.

The Axe


  1. Luke (sexyer1)

    The Night Cap was such a disappointing show, I had hoped for much more, it never lived anywhere near what I had hoped.

    It was simply a late night Sunrise.

    I find it difficult to handle watching Jessica Rowe any time of the day, but particularly at night she made my stomach turn, as I felt she was too prudish for a late night television talk show.

    I think all networks should run a month long poll on their websites asking what we the High Definition viewers want to watch on HD, and ask those who haven’t yet got High Definition what (if anything) would make them buy a High Definition Set-top-box and/or television.

  2. KnoxOverstreet

    Agree with THD why bring up The Nation? IMO Paul Murray is a bit of a hack and TNC was mediocre tv. I mean is less Jessica Rowe on our screens a bad thing!

  3. Jeffrey it’s a fair enough question, but I wasn’t at liberty to divulge sources. Seven wasn’t giving clarity at the time which is the only reason they weren’t directly quoted.

    Since printing the story yesterday it is confirmed in The Australian (and apparently on Paul Murray’s Facebook pg?).

  4. It must have been to do with the current profitability of HD when there are no ratings available.

    Who will sponsor one of those ‘7 breakaway’ segments when you don’t know how big your market is?

    I don’t even know what’s on these HD channels half the time because they won’t supply us with a proper EPG!

  5. It was not my kind of show, and their incessant laughing at their own in-jokes didn’t make things any easier to watch. But obviously there is a market for this stuff with the popularity of Sunrise and the Footy Shows.

    You would think they would have planned out the money and HD issues before going into production? Surely there was room to tweak the format when you don’t have to worry about ratings? Or what about bringing it to SD?

  6. Haha if you are so smart then learn to use the word there! You mean They’re so smart!
    Anyway don’t bag Paul Murray, he is a busy man, he took the time to reply to my message on facebook. Hopefully he pops up elsewhere on Australian tv but I’m currently enjoying him on the Shebang on radio.

  7. The Human Dree

    Now why did Paul Murray have to bring The Nation into this? Mick has done more on Aussie TV and Silver Screen than this dweeb, and Murray? Of course it was the show as well, they could have easily shaved a few bucks elsewhere to keep the show going but your just not worth it mate.
    After all Murray, all you are doing is adding Sunrise and The Panel into one show and sad to say, the personalties making up your show have the same IQ as the average BB fan. (and that excludes TV Tonight fans! There all smart cookies!!)

  8. This is very sad, I don’t think it was anything to do with the content just the money.

    Thanks to Paul Murray and the Nightcap Facebook Group here is what he said about the show not returning:

    I’m sad to say yes, for now or for good we dont know.

    it’s complicated and is about $$$ and HD, not the quality of the show.

    We are not The Nation.

    Before everyone jumps out of this group (wait a couple of days we have some more photos), I just wanted to say on the behalf of Paulie and the rest of the Facebookers on the show, thanks.

    Thank you all very much for joining up so quickly and getting the word out while we could.

    We are proud of the show and the mates we have made with it.

    A big let down sure, a preview of a good show to come some day, BLOODY OATH!!!

    Cue a song from Beau.


  9. They seem to have comprehensively killed it off, too, with all trace of it gone from the Seven site aside from the home page (not linked from anywhere) that contains a lonely countdown timer till the next episode (wonder what’ll happen when it reaches zero!) and archived old episodes.

    Boland screwed this one up: the approach of the show was wrong from the outset. The news element should have been dropped entirely, and someone less prudish than Jessica Rowe chosen for that chair (don’t get me wrong, I like Rowe a lot and think she’s criminally underrated, but this was not the show for her).

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