"Channel Seven doesn’t pay!"

Sunrise co-host David Koch today reckoned A Current Affair was behind a stunt outside ‘Brekkie Central.’

Strolling outside the studio, Melissa Doyle and David Koch went to cross to Hollywood correspondent Nelson Aspen. But they were soon drowned out by protestors chanting “Channel 7 doesn’t pay.”

After a few seconds, the audio was cut, and only Aspen’s voice could be heard.

Once the cameras returned to the hosts, a security guard could be seen standing in front of the now-quietened crowd.

After an ad break, the pair appeared inside on the couch, with Mel downplaying the incident and promising the station would look into the protestors’ claims.

Kochie took it one step further however, claiming it was an ambush by rival station Channel 9’s A Current Affair about Seven’s show Bingo. He told viewers Nine had not even approached Seven for comment and that its ambush tactics were unfair.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. Loved that this has now come to yet another battle between ACA and TT after their side-by-side reports that night.

    I watched TT and taped ACA and watched it after, and it seems to me TT got it right.

  2. Oh god forbid the protestors who didnt get paid would actually have there own brains and go there, its part of a C( conspiracy lol,
    SO when Channel & stuff up and run a dodgy show and people complain about it, its C9’s fault??

  3. I think they were alluding to the stories run by ACA late last year about National Bingo Night and how it is run (e.g: bogus numbers, numbers in tubes that are wrong,people (myself included) who were one off numbers and never win, etc.)

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