Dancing on the rumour mill

When you can’t publish a rumour as fact, what do you do? Publish the denial of a rumour -you’ve still spilled the dirt anyway.

And so QConfidential today has spuriously put into print the words suggesting that “one male So You Think You Can Dance Australia contender is having a fling with a male judge on the top-rating show.”

But then it goes on to print a denial from TEN publicity.

“QConfidential put the rumour to a Fremantle Media spokesperson yesterday and the vehemence in the denial was palpable,” it writes.

“‘You don’t expect me to respond to that do you? I’m just going to ignore it,'” snapped the flack. “‘But if you print it, can I just say, you will have egg on your face.'”

“Consider us admonished” notes QConfidential.

Source: QConfidential

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