Denton to interview Carey

Contrary to speculation that Andrew Denton had landed an interview with David Hicks, comes the news that the controversial figure for the first episode of Enough Rope is Wayne Carey.

The former AFL footballer has been in the news recently for issues of alleged domestic violence, as well as confessions of cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Enough Rope recently teased media that an “exclusive interview with this controversial figure will be the first time this person has been interviewed and Denton will ask the questions every Australian wants to know.”

After a story in New Idea magazine this week it is no longer the first interview, but the first television interview since Carey’s recent media headlines.

Press Release:

TV Exclusive
‘The King’ Wayne Carey to tackle the tough questions Premier talk show host Andrew Denton will conduct the first TV interview with disgraced former AFL footballer, Wayne Carey, when the 2008 season of ENOUGH ROPE returns to ABC TV on Monday, March 31st at 9.35pm.

Denton has vowed to ask Carey the questions Australians want answers to.

5 Responses

  1. “The questions Australians want answers to”?

    Is that how utterly shallow Australia has become? Who GIVES a toss about Carey aside from a salivating tabloid media?

    I’m with you, Ro, I was hoping it was Hicks too.

  2. What a let down! I was really hoping it was Hicks and don’t really care about Carey. He isn’t even an exclusive interview now!

    I still have hope that when Hicks decides he’s ready, he will come on Enough Rope to give a proper interview.

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