Gone: The Thick of It

The ABC said it knew about Chris Langham’s conviction of downloading child pornography.

Earlier this month when TV Tonight contacted the ABC on plans to run Langham’s sitcom The Thick of It, a spokesperson affirmed the network was aware of the situation. They confirmed it was proceeding with the programme.

But within days it issued an amendment indicating the comedy was gone from schedule.

It is now replaced with The Armstrong and Miller Show, a UK sketch show with comic actors Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller.

So did the network really know, or it has become nervous about the show going under the media spotlight? Maybe it should have taken a look at its own news archives before deciding on programming it was not prepared to uphold?


  1. Just frustrated, I suppose. Such a great series and Langham a comic genius.

    Maybe I was imagining the Glitter clip on Rage but S&S have definitely mentioned him. I wonder if the driving force was to do with just being a criminal or the abhorrent nature of the crime.

    Dunno. Feels weird either way, doesn’t it?

  2. The Human Dree

    He appeared before his troubles.
    And according to Rage’s Online archive he hasn’t had a clip on since 2003.
    I fully understand and support ABC’s decision.

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