Mulvey becomes hot property

Actor Callan Mulvey has so impressed as Mark Moran in Underbelly that TEN has signed him for a lead role in its upcoming drama, Rush.

The original pilot for the series – then called Rapid Response – was shot in June 2004 but TEN decided not to pick it up.

But in the middle of the US writer’s strike, TEN revisited the idea and approved another pilot in January.

Scheduled to air in the second half of the year, Rush focuses on the dramas surrounding an elite team of police and emergency services personnel.



  1. Not another cop show!!!!!!! Finally, some new SCRIPTED Australian TV that isn’t a bloody lifestyle/observational series, but its a cop show. Come on, Ten. Did they forget that Seven did an Aussie cop show last year with City Homicide?! And Blue Heelers only wrapped up a couple of years ago?

    I’m sure this will rate well, but come on. At least Underbelly has an intriguing premise and is different from the rest of stuff on TV. This “Rush” show will sit right next to Criminal Minds, New Amsterdam, Bones, Shark, Numb3rs, the Law and Orders, Without a Trace, Cold Case, and the CSIs in the already overpopulated “generic, mundane cop shows” genre. Don’t get me wrong, I like some cop shows, but only when they’ve got something different to stand out from the rest of the crap e.g. NCIS, Life, Psych. This looks like a series I’ll be avoiding.

  2. The Human Dree

    He did a great job, the one I thought that really stood out was the dude who played Andrew “Benji” Venamin, he really sold the character and made you feel so sympathetic about a murderer.
    Usually Frankie J Holden drives me insane but in this his ego was nearly completley gone, the other two who were brilliant was the guy and girl who played Carl and Roberta Williams.

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