Pay TV pays up on local drama

The Australian Communications and Media Authority reports that the subscription television industry increased its expenditure on Aussie drama programs by 43% in 2006-07.

It was up from $18.4m the previous year to $26.4m.

Productions included The King, Satisfaction, Stupid Stupid Man and the third series of Love My Way.

ACMA found 17 drama channels had met their 2005-06 expenditure obligations, required for local content: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, Hallmark Channel, Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Fox 8, Fox Classics, Movie Extra, Movie Greats, Movie One, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Showtime Greats, TV1, SCI FI and UKTV.

‘The subscription television industry is a major supporter of Australian drama production,’ said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman. ‘This investment in Australian drama enhances viewer choice and access to Australian drama. It also provides opportunities for Australians to create and participate in a wide variety of productions, including feature films such as Romulus My Father and September, telemovies such as The King and drama series such as Love My Way-Series 3 and Satisfaction.’

Source: ACMA


  1. I’m surprised Ovation doesn’t do drama- I mean, it does fancy itself as a channel of premium arts, etc.

    But I suppose it probably couldn’t afford to, they are independently owned, right?

    PS Adam, I’m sure you could work like 4 jobs over the next few years then pay for your own Love My Way telefilm! Actually that’d be a bit creepy but now their’s some hope.

  2. Adam, there won’t be a 4th series of Love My Way, I Hope not anyway, the 3rd series was disappointing and in some ways, was unnecessary.

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