Power of umm… Mondays?

First it was coming in February, then it was Wednesdays in April, now it will premiere on Mondays -in March!

But Steve Jacobs will no doubt be giving The Power of Ten his best shot when the show finally debuts at 7:30pm Monday March 31 on Nine.

By now readers of this site will be well-versed with the format of the show. Nine yesterday certainly flexxed its programming muscle with news on CSI, Without a Trace and the second series of Sea Patrol, which will follow Power of Ten.

So was Nine trying to throw the opposition off the scent with mixed messages of timeslots? It’s not really the best way to launch a new local series…

Jacobs will have to compete with a repeat of Border Security and new ep of SCU on Seven plus SYTYCDA on TEN. Any takers on Seven moving The Rich List into play instead?

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