Real life characters speak up on gangland drama

The former wife of Carl Williams, Roberta Williams, has criticised the performance of actor Kat Stewart in Underbelly.

Williams said said she initially saw red about an over-the-top shrill portrayal. But now she said, “My sympathies go out to you, Kat, because you’ve made a fool of yourself.”

Ms Williams, whose former husband, Carl, is in Victoria’s Barwon Prison until 2042 for three killings, also said producers should have found a better-looking baby to portray her daughter.

Dhakota, “is a glamour…the next Megan Gale”, she said. “They could have picked a nicer looking child” to portray her in the series.”

Ms Williams has lost her house, buried her sister and fought serious illness since Carl Williams was jailed. She said she now gets stopped in the street by supporters.

Stewart said she regarded her role as a huge responsibility.

“Starting any job is always daunting, but this was particularly so,” she said. “We like to think the real people, if they are still around, will understand that this is not a documentary, it is a dramatisation and we are just actors.”

Meanwhile, gangland matriarch Judy Moran has described the series as “rot.”

But she applauded the depiction of notorious killer Carl Williams as a dimwitted “fat boy” driver.

“They got that right…he seems the village idiot and that is what he is,” Ms Moran said.

Actor Caroline Gillmer, who plays Ms Moran in the series, admitted she was nervous about the underworld matriarch watching.

“I don’t know how accurate the script is to the nuances of the real person, so it does make you nervous that they will be watching,” she said.



  1. I think kat is a great actress. Even if she is portrayed poorly, the character roberta is a crack up and makes the show for me.. People should stop comparing underbelly to the tragic real life events and just enjoy it as the great aussie “drama” that its meant to be.

  2. I wonder how Nine will milk this show for subsequent seasons. Will they wrap up all the gangland war biz by episode 13? I don’t see people investing their interest into this series beyond one or two seasons.

  3. “But now she said, “My sympathies go out to you, Kat, because you’ve made a fool of yourself.””

    Err….what? She’s an actor! You know, reading off a script and being directed. Well now I suppose Glen Robins should be embarrassed because he’s made a fool of himself playing Kel. Ditto for Magda Szubanksi.


  4. Both Mrs Williams and Mrs Moran were happy to live off the misery of others, so I don’t really have a lot of sympathy if one feels her daughter is cheated because she’s not portrayed by a child supermodel, and the other feels the show is “rot”. Who cares what these two think?

    And Kat Stewart is right, it’s not a documentary anyway.

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