Returning: NCIS. Gone: Burn Notice

Network TEN has unveiled scheduling for the second week of Easter non-ratings and it includes the return of NCIS to Tuesday nights.

Season five returns at 8:30pm Tuesday March 25.

Women’s Murder Club moves from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, effectively pushing Burn Notice out of schedule (cue that line about Burn Notice getting a burn notice).

TEN has also rescheduled the world premiere of Emerald Falls to 9pm Sunday March 23, after shifting it from Good Friday (the very same timeslot suggested by this site several days ago).

So You Think You Can Dance on Sunday March 23 is a “Your Top 10” special, with an E! special Famous, Fabulous and Filthy Rich replaces the Monday 7:30 edition. Law and Order repeats will also air on Monday 24th.

Burn Notice looks set to have its final ep on Tue Mar 18, 2 eps short of the finale. TEN advises it will be back later this year. It has been renewed for a second season in the US later this year.

For full details on changes to Easter schedules check Easter non-ratings guide.


  1. I concur. Women’s Murder Club is the very definition of woeful television. Its pretty much Grey’s Anatomy, only set in a cop show, only with shoddy acting, an annoying protagonist and some of the worst scriptwriting in years.

  2. NCIS back with new eps – Good-o !

    Dropping Burn notice – Well I was just warming to it now that I had finally removed the heavily promoted spy concept from my understanding of the show.

    I know if a show does not rate that it gets pulled, but hey, you could program it at midnight so I could set my recorder.

    There should be a commitment from the stations to at least finish broadcasting a complete season of a show once they have begun.

    Especially – series like these that were hailed and promoted as sliced bread — Getting real tired of this!

  3. Very happy to see NCIS return – but I would have thought Burn Notice would be a much better match for the NCIS audience than Murder Club.

  4. Oh come on, Ten, at least see the season of Burn Notice out before replacing it. TWO episodes to go! What are you trying to do, be Channel Seven?

    NCIS has always left me cold, but I’ve been unexpectedly enjoying Burn Notice.

  5. Sucks about BN getting the boot, its a pretty good show. Did they really have to axe it with only 2 episodes to go? Oh well, it’ll be back later in the year with season 2.

    NCIS is the best cop show on television, next to Life. It’ll be good to get some new eps, although you’d think Ten would wait til ratings kick back in on March 30th before broadcasting the new season. Also, with the SYTYCD special, is that just a performance show where the contestants perform what they want without judges and verdicts, similar to the Idol: Up Close and Personal specials that have happened with the top 6 for the past few years?

  6. Hey David, do you know how many episodes of Bondi Rescue are left? With them returning new episodes of NCIS maybe that means new episodes of the Simpsons will return the following week?

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