Airdate: Bed of Roses

The ABC will schedule its newest drama series, Bed of Roses, into a Saturday evening timeslot.

The six-part series, starring Kerry Armstrong, will premiere at 7:30pm Saturday May 10.

Produced by former Kath & Kim producers Luby / Ruse and Southern Star, it is heavily female-skewed with a three-generational story involving mother, grandmother and daughter. Armstrong plays Louisa Atherton, a mother who returns to the family home with her daughter in tow, following the death of her husband.

Louisa’s mother is played by respected actress Julia Blake. Other roles are covered by Caroline Gillmer, Kaarin Fairfax, Jay Laga’aia, Geoff Morrell and Dina Panozzo.

The series is written by Elizabeth Coleman (Secret Bridesmaid’s Business, Seachange, Secret Life of Us) and Jutta Goete (Halifax FP, Something in the Air, Janus).

Saturday is rarely utilised for first run local drama. SBS’ Kick didn’t kick any goals there last year, but it’s a prime night for ABC and Doc Martin has performed brilliantly in the 7:30pm slot.

Press Release:

When Louisa Atherton’s (Kerry Armstrong) wealthy husband Jack drops dead in the arms of another woman, she thinks things can’t get any worse – until she discovers that he has left her bankrupt and homeless.

Retreating into denial, Louisa is ill-equipped for the emotional fallout. Rainbow’s End is the only place left for her to run to, and so she does, she runs home to her mother, Minna (Julia Blake).

Coming to recognise her estranged relationship with her mother, Louisa learns that her own daughter Holly (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence) needs a strong and supportive mother – the kind Louisa has never been. Jack’s death has caused Louisa to look in the mirror, where she sees she has to face some bitter home truths – the failure of her marriage, her unpreparedness for responsibility and the alienation of her daughter.

Her plans for the future and any financial security now rest with the only asset she has left in the world, a tumbledown old shack on the outskirts of Rainbow’s End. The shack has acquired a place in local folklore as the one-time home of Mary Kelly, widow of a gold miner, who was murdered in her bed by thieves searching for the legendary gold nugget said to be buried on the property.

Of course the nugget was never found and the ghost of Mary is still said to haunt the place. This is of no concern to Louisa. She will knock down the shack, rebuild, sell, be cashed up and back sipping long macchiatos in the city in no time. But Rainbow’s End has other plans for Louisa Atherton…

Bed of Roses is a six-part series also starring Caroline Gillmer, Kaarin Fairfax, Jay Laga’aia, Geoff Morrell and Dina Panozzo.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: A co-production between ABC1, Southern Star/ Ruby Entertainment. Producers:Stephen Luby; Mark Ruse; Executive Producer: Miranda Dear; Director: Paul Moloney.

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  1. Had so much fun being an Extra in Bed of Roses as did many others in our small town of Foster. The Actors and Staff were so nice to us. Thanks for involving us. Heres wishing the show all the best. You will have to come back for a visit. The pub is so quiet since youve gone. Regards Theresa C.

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