Axed: Michael Palin’s New Europe

Sometimes copying the ABC and SBS doesn’t always pay off.

Channel Seven has removed Michael Palin’s New Europe from its schedule effective immediately.

Last Saturday at 7:30pm the series only attracted 677,000 viewers.

It was trounced by Doc Martin on the ABC with 1.3m, a Harry Potter movie with 1.1m on Nine, and beaten by AFL on TEN (702,000).

Seven had a disappointing Saturday, thrashed by Nine and landing third behind TEN. In what was a tight week with Nine, the loss caused Seven to lose a ratings week to its rival.

Seven will maintain its British themed Saturdays and replace it with repeats of the ol’ sitcom Fawlty Towers and Vicar of Dibley. As a result A Touch of Frost, due to start at 8:30pm is pushed back to 8:45pm.

The Axe.

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  1. I have just raced home to watch the next episode of New Europe… I just can’t believe it has been axed…. I have been watching 7 as an alternative to the always winning 9, but stuff you, 7. I was really looking forward to the next New Europe episode. Not to have it at any other time as it is a series, is just inexcusable. If this is the way you treat viewers, I will treat you with the same disdain…. NO MORE 7 in my house!

  2. KnoxOverstreet

    Agree completely with neonkitten. I love this series and even though I’m not generally a Seven fan have no problem saying this was the best show on tv bar none. Shame Seven Shame. At least put it somewhere else in the schedule so we can see it.

    Not happy!

  3. I would have hoped they could at least bump the program and not axe it altogether.

    I don’t think Saturday night wasn’t the best night to showcase such a program. Especially against the similar audience that Doc Martin receives.

  4. Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. Not only is the viewer now relegated to “irrelevant” status, but this hard-fought battle of egos in this child’s game of “we beat you we beat you” between bloated businessmen is being decided by a statistically insignificant gaggle of meter-equipped bogans hand-picked by the networks for their pure mediocrity.

    Once again, another “f*** you” to the viewers from a network. For hell’s sake, Seven, it’s a SATURDAY NIGHT! Surely, SURELY you can manage to keep a 7-episode show on the air for its entire run on a damn Saturday? Surely the 450th re-run of old British sitcoms isn’t going to rate better?

    Not only that, but this series was an absolute showcase for their HD channel – easily the best-looking HD seen on Australian television since digital first arrived.

    How about just using 7HD to show it then, Seven? Hmm? Those who don’t care about the HD side of things can download the remaining episodes, and those who do get to see the rest of a series they were enjoying immensely.

    What a damn shame. Picture quality stuff aside, this was an excellent and eye-opening show, too.

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