Bogans. The Musical.

Rebel Wilson, who fronted most of the promotion for Nine’s Monster House, is busy in production on a new project, this time for SBS: Bogan Pride.

The 6 part comedy series is believed to be set in a western suburbs high school, and features a lavish musical number in every episode. It began shooting this week in Melbourne.

Most significantly, the show has award-winning director Tony Ayres (Home Song Stories, Walking on Water) involved.

Wilson is also the creator of the show. The tone of the show sounds like Summer Heights High meets Kath & Kim? But it could also attract controversy if the synopsis is any indication:

“Jenny Craig, a smart endearing teenage fugly, lives in Boonelg. Her mother Berenice is now extremely overweight and has become confined to her bedroom. Her Aunty Sandra’s become extremely annoying since her gay husband left. Her best friends Amy Lee and Nigella are extremely religious. And her neighbour Nick is extremely good looking. What’s a bogan girl to do? She’ll enter a dance battle in the hope to win $10 000 for her Mum’s stomach stapling operation and hopefully along the way she’ll impress her crush, become closer to God with the help of lesbians, get revenge on the school skanks and hell…she’ll even sell bonsai cats, win a Maths Olympiad and impersonate a mong.”

SBS is expected to screen the series late this year. If it becomes a hit Nine could piggyback with those unaired eps of Monster House?


  1. Certainly it sounds like a premise that will either soar or crash, I doubt there’s much room for in between. But Tony Ayres has a good track record. Let’s wait and see….

  2. So this is the sort of quality product that results from the cash SBS makes from inflicting in-program ads on us?

    Shameful. And I can’t wait to see how embarrassing the local version of Top Gear is… 🙂

  3. half goon half god

    That is quite possibly the worst synopsis for a tv series I have ever seen. I really can’t see Bogan Pride being anything more than a poor cousin of Pizza, which is already pretty poor itself.

  4. My god, is this really all Rebel Wilson knows how to do? In Pizza, The Wedge and Monster House (all among the worst Aussie comedies ever), she always plays shrill bogan caricatures! And not particularly well either!

  5. Thanks, but I can confirm it is shooting this week. The site has format / production details, always required for funding. Shooting 21 April – 23 May.

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