But it just feels so damned wrong

Still recovering from that incest story on 60 Minutes? You might wanna sit down for this.

Dexter star Michael C. Hall is reportedly dating his co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his sister in the show. Ewwwwwww!

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” a source told People magazine. “They play brother and sister on the show, but they are actors, after all.”

Yeah, but it’s just that they are so damned convincing!

Hall and Carpenter were spotted dining at the Sunset Tower Hotel last week following the news that Dexter had nabbed a prestigious Peabody television award.

“It was romantic,” says an observer of their back-of-the-restaurant dinner. “They were drinking champagne and there was the clinking of glasses. They were clearly celebrating.”

Now everytime I see Dex confiding quietly with Deb how will I not be able to stop myself from yelling “pash, pash!”

Still it could be worse. After all, wasn’t Sally Field once said to be dating Dave Annable, who plays her son Justin on Brothers and Sisters? “Mother and son”….. 33 year age difference…. go Sally!

Dexter screens on Showcase before TEN will air it later this year.

Source: People


  1. she isnt his blood sister in the show

    however whats creepy is that in the first episode he says “I could love a woman like her” forgive me if that is not an exact quote.

  2. Florence Henderson, who played mum Carol Brady, went on a date with Barry Williams, who played her on-screen son Greg

    Actress Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia enjoyed much more than a sisterly relationship with Eve Plumb, who played her less glamorous sister Jan.

    Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder, who played spoiled step-siblings Boone and Shannon on Lost, dated.

  3. Danny Raco and Ada Nicodemou played brother and sister on Home and Away, and for a period of time the two of them were dating. So I get the whole “ew” factor but I also get how spending such an intense amount of time together with someone, and having to act the close bond of family with a stranger can bring two people together.

    I thought Michael C Hall was already married though? I remember reading about it during his time on Six Feet Under. Perhaps it was said just to stop people from suggesting he was gay like his character… I dunno…

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