CSI / Two and a Half Men crossover

In one of the strangest TV crossovers in living memory, the team from CBS’ CSI are set to investigate a mysterious death at the house of Charlie Harper in Two and Half Men.

Writers from both shows have even swapped projects.

The episode “Fish in a Drawer” is written by the CSI scriptwriters and airs in the US on May 5th.

Robert Wagner (Hart to Hart, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) returns as Teddy, Evelyn’s new husband. Jenny McCarthy (Scary Movie 3) returns as Courtney, his devious daughter and George Eads from CSI will make a cameo appearance.

Meanwhile, a CSI episode “Two and a Half Deaths” penned by the Two and a Half Men writers will be broadcast on Thursday, May 8. Katey Sagal (Married with Children) plays a diva sitcom star who meets an untimely demise while filming her show in Las Vegas.

Source: Futon Critic

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  1. What… the f*ck? 😐

    Okay, this is totally bizarre, but I actually think it’s a good idea for two completely opposite shows to crossover like this (even though it reeks of shallow American gimmickry).

    I won’t be watching since I don’t watch either of those shows (nor do I have any desire to; even though the thought of watching Katey Segal getting murdered sounds hilarious :P).

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