Week 16

1 Doc Martin ABC 1,364,000
2 Seven News – Sat Seven 1,230,000
3 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Nine 1,185,000
4 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1,132,000
5 ABC News-Sa ABC 1,067,000
6 National Nine News Saturday Nine 1,061,000
7 Collectors (Shorts) ABC 907,000
8 The Great Outdoors Seven 852,000
9 Ten News At Five Sat TEN 799,000
10 Lewis Seven 780,000
11 ABC News Update ABC 769,000
12 The Bill ABC 767,000
13 Gardening Australia ABC 754,000
14 Saturday Night AFL TEN 702,000
15 Michael Palin’s New Europe Seven 677,000
16 Saturday Afternoon AFL TEN 673,000
17 Before The Game TEN 537,000
18 The Garden Gurus Nine 487,000
19 Zoolander Nine 478,000
20 Top Gear SBS 467,000

Nine 29.8
TEN 22.2
Seven 21.8
ABC 20.1
SBS 6.1

1 Seven News Seven 1,446,000
2 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1,443,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,361,000
4 Midsomer Murders ABC 1,223,000
5 National Nine News Nine 1,176,000
6 A Current Affair Nine 1,124,000
7 Home And Away Seven 1,115,000
8 ABC News ABC 1,079,000
9 The Biggest Loser Network Ten 1,045,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 967,000
11 Collectors ABC 843,000
12 The Simpsons Fri Ep 1 Network Ten 842,000
13 Ten News At Five Network Ten 818,000
14 The Simpsons Fri Ep 2 Network Ten 786,000
15 Deal Or No Deal Seven 773,000
16 Seven’s AFL: Rnd 5: St Kilda Vs Essendon Seven 771,000
Nine’s Live Friday Night Football Nine 673,000
Friends Network Ten 672,000
Sleepless In Seattle Network Ten 541,000
Seven Late News Seven 455,000
The Clitoris: Forbidden Pleasure Network SBS 389,000
Sunrise Seven 352,000
Today Nine 295,000
Nip/Tuck Nine 215,000
Suburb For Sale Network SBS 210,000
IPL Twenty20 Cricket – Late Network Ten 204,000

Seven 31.9
Nine 26.1
ABC 19.4
TEN 16.6
SBS 6.0

1. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Nine 1.628
2. Seven News Seven 1.385
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.325
4. The Biggest Loser Ten 1.274
5. Home and Away Seven 1.252
6. A Current Affair Nine 1.250
7. National Nine News Nine 1.224
8. The Footy Show Nine 1.204
9. Getaway Nine 1.194
10. How I Met Your Mother Seven 1.172
11. Law and Order: SVU Ten 1.047
12. ABC News ABC 1.027
13. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.999
14. Jamie At Home Ten 0.989
15. Ghost Whisperer Seven 0.950
Medium 0.925m
That 70s Show 0.900m
Deal or No Deal 0.837m
Lost 0.689m
Antiques 0.633m

Nine: 33.0
Seven: 24.9
Ten: 22.4
ABC: 15.5
SBS: 4.1

1. RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.672
2. Seven News Seven 1.534
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.409
4. Home and Away Seven 1.304
5. The Real Seachange Seven 1.267
6. Underbelly Nine 1.247
7. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.168
8. National Nine News Nine 1.163
9. ABC News ABC 1.150
10. The Biggest Loser Ten 1.143
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.086
12. Canal Road Nine 1.084
13. House Ten 1.028
14. Back To You Ten 1.025
15. The New Inventors ABC 1.024
Two and a Half Men 0.919m
Rules of Engagement 0.874m
Numbrs 0.870m
Deal or No Deal 0.807m
My Kid’s A Star 0.780m
World Is Not Enough 0.761m
Antiques Roadshow 0.646m

Seven: 28.5
Nine: 26.7
Ten: 22.3
ABC: 17.4
SBS: 5.1

1. Bondi Rescue Ten 1.590
2. Seven News Seven 1.516
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.481
4. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Nine 1.440
5. The Biggest Loser Ten 1.360
6. It Takes Two Seven 1.355
7. Home and Away Seven 1.317
8. NCIS Ten 1.278
9. ABC News ABC 1.247
10. National Nine News Nine 1.213
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.196
12. All Saints Seven 1.178
13. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.055
14. Ladette to Lady Nine 0.927
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.925
Medical Emergency 0.922m
Women’s Murder Club 0.921m
Deal or No Deal 0.903m
Search for HMAS Sydney 0.818m
Moment of Truth 0.741m
Antiques Roadshow 0.641m

Seven: 30.4
Ten: 25.4
Nine: 24.2
ABC: 14.7
SBS: 5.4

1. Border Security Seven 1.584
2. Seven News Seven 1.582
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.469
4. Home and Away Seven 1.384
5. Life In Cold Blood Nine 1.301
6. National Nine News Nine 1.288
7. Sea Patrol Nine 1.269
8. SCU: Serious Crash Unit Seven 1.260
9. Desperate Housewives Seven 1.241
10. A Current Affair Nine 1.226
11. The Biggest Loser Ten 1.206
12. So You Think You Can Dance Ten 1.164
13. Good News Week Ten 1.064
14. ABC News ABC 1.058
15. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.045
Enough Rope 0.975m
CSI: NY 0.950m
Deal or No Deal 0.838m
Dirty Sexy Money 0.728m
Antiques 0.685m
Law and Order 0.678m

Seven: 28.5
Nine: 27.5
Ten: 21.7
ABC: 16.3
SBS: 5.9

1. Seven News Seven 1.726
2. 60 Minutes Nine 1.543
3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1.476
4. So You Think You Can Dance Ten 1.476
5. National Nine News Nine 1.429
6. Gladiators Seven 1.427
7. The Biggest Loser Ten 1.208
8. Animal Emergency Nine 1.123
9. RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service Nine 1.120
10. ABC News ABC 1.108
11. Grey’s Anatomy Seven 1.103
12. Without A Trace Nine 1.093
13. Police Files Seven 1.071
14. My Name Is Earl Seven 1.059
15. Rove Ten 1.049
Brothers & Sisters 0.900m
AFL: Carlton-Collingwood 0.682m
NRL 0.520m
Sum of All Fears 0.504m

Nine: 30.2
Seven: 25.6
TEN: 24.3
ABC: 14.0
SBS: 5.9


  1. Billy, the episode of Ramsey’s that they showed on Tuesday night (not sure of last nights episode cause i didnt watch it) is actually from the most recent season in the UK which i believe aired at the end of last year….. It wasnt a 2005 episode.

    I actually prefer the UK version of the show.

  2. another amazing result for Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares…I thought it might die a bit when Channel 9 ran out of USA based episodes but it keeps going from strength to strength even with the current UK episodes they have dug up from 2005. By the looks of it there are plenty of episodes from 2004-2007 in the UK series to drag out before his new series ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ starts. Train wreck TV at it’s best!

  3. I missed the premiere of Canal Road. I hope they decide to air an encore at some point. If they can do it for Power of 10 and My Kid’s a Star, surely they can do it for the one show I’m actually interested in watching on their network?

  4. Thanks so much for replying guys, and i’m sorry David I meant to write Sydney.

    Thanks Adrasteia, i’m glad she has some qualifications. At least now I’ll fast forward her just because she rambles inanity rather than ignorance.

    And in relation to the Travellator, its actually thinner and shorter than the original & the American Series. But I’ll stop going on about it now haha, i’m just glad other people have noticed. I’m still going to enjoy it because its Gladiators, and there are a few things we do here in Aus better than the Americans (it doesn’t feel as built up, the contestants are actually nice and don’t make stupid statements that seem fed to them by the producers, and the Gladiators here get to speak alot more), I just hope that they get a 2nd Series and return it back to that same sense of Arena TV if you know what mean?


  5. Luke (Lakeyboy)

    The reason the challengers get up the travelator during the eliminator more easily is because there is a much bigger gap between it and the end of the balance beam in the new series when compared to the small distance in the old series. They get a better run up, hence only 1 of 12 people so far not making it up in one go.

  6. Dakota: according to Wikipedia not only was Bonnie a professional dancer, but she choreographed a number of West End productions and even produced/directed verious theatre productions, including pantomimes.

    I know it’s a bit hard to imagine that the crazy woman screaming “You are strong! You are Demi!” actually is supposed to know what she’s talking about.

  7. LOL!

    I should have explained myself better… what I meant was that you can tell they have visibly shrunk the size of the games. I.e the wall is simply a straight up vertical wall now whereas in the old one it was massive and towards the end of it, it rose so they had to almost climb backwards. In the game where they had to run back and forth on the bridge avoiding the “tommy knocker”-like thingoes, now you can see there are no gaps between them and you can’t duck down, whereas the old version and the American versions, the bridge is much longer. Even Hang Tough isn’t as high as it used to be. I guess its just the change of Venue from Brisbane to melbourne? I’m not neccessarily complaining, just asking for curiosity sake in case anyone has an answer.


  8. Hey,

    Just 2 quick questions that i’ve been wondering about the last couple of Sunday nights.

    1) Has anyone else noticed how much smaller the Gladiator games look now compared to what they were in the old series? Do you think that it’ll go back to looking as great as it did back then now the series is rating well and may encourage some money to be put back into it?

    2) What exactly is the point of Bonnie Lythgoe on SYTHYCD-Aus? Is she a professional in some aspect of dance? I just find that I fast-forward through her Judging comments, but that when I don’t, she’s always criticising the girls and never the boys. Thanks for reading.


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