Airdate: Durham County

The 6 part Canadian drama Durham County will air on the Showcase Channel in July.

The series stars Hugh Dillon as Mike Sweeney, a homicide detective from Toronto who moves his family to suburban Durham County to start over after his partner is killed.

The role of his wife Audrey, diagnosed with breast cancer, is played by Australian actress Helene Joy (Water Rats, Stingers, Big Sky). However, Mike soon discovers that his neighbour and childhood nemesis Ray Prager (Justin Louis) may be a serial killer.

It premieres 8:30pm Tues July 1.

Press Release:

They say there’s only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world… but sometimes it’s not even that.

Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already in your world.

Sometimes he’s just across the street….

This emotionally powerful, award-winning series revolves around Detective Mike Sweeney and his family, as he hunts a serial killer he’s certain is an old school friend who lives across the street.

You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the cop and the killer or between you and them. They share history, one that goes back to high school.

You think you can leave your past behind. But you can’t…


  1. This is an awesome series, sophisticated, chilling- exciting television. Had me captivated from beginning to end. Kudos to the creative team!

  2. Of course you can leave your past behind wth are they talking about. Worst tagline ever. Oh, and this series blows. That one scene in the trailer with the little girl covered in blood was enough for me to lose interest instantaneously.

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