Airdate: Moving Wallpaper, Echo Beach

Now this sounds like fun.

ABC2 will screen the back to back British soap projects Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach.

Anyone who has been following news of these two shows will know that Echo Beach is a soap featuring Jason Donovan shot in Cornwall.

Moving Wallpaper however, is a fictional dramedy about the making of Echo Beach! Yep, that’s with actors portraying scripwriters and directors as they struggle to make a hit soap series! It’s title refers to the fact that soap operas are sometimes like.. well, you know the rest…

ABC2 will screen both in back to back airings from 8:30pm Friday May 30.

The shows had a mixed reception in the UK, with Moving Wallpaper getting renewed for a second series ahead of Echo Beach. Crazy.

I’m hoping it might be just as much fun as Grosse Pointe that enormously ironic series Darren Star made about a 90210 style soap. It was just too clever for Americans to understand and didn’t last anywhere near long enough.

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  1. It’s a great concept and Moving Wallpaper has some really good moments. But Echo Beach makes Home and Away look like Spielberg.

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