Airdate: Salam Cafe

Following on from its success on Channel 31, comedy panel show Salam Cafe has its premiere on SBS next week.

Filmed in Melbourne and Sydney in front of a live audience, Salam Cafe looks at the funny side of life as an Australian Muslim today. Hosted by Ahmed Imam, its regulars will include journalist and counter-terrorism expert Waleed Aly and Susan Carland (pictured). Encouragingly it is produced by Ted Robinson and Pamela Swain (Good News Week).

As with Newstopia, the series has a quick turnaround from shooting to airing, allowing the show to remain topical. Next week Dave Hughes is guest on the show. You can see a sneak peek here.

Salam Cafe premieres 10pm Wednesday on SBS.

Press Release:
On May 7th at 10pm, SBS will screen the first episode of the new comedy-panel show, Salam Cafe, which features young Australian Muslims discussing the humorous side of current issues with sketches from award winning comedians as well as weekly guest interviews.

Filmed in Melbourne and Sydney in front of a live audience, Salam Cafe offers the audience a compelling look at the funny side of life as an Australian Muslim today.

Regular panellists include esteemed host Ahmed Imam, journalist and counter-terrorism expert Waleed Aly and the multi-talented Susan Carland.

Also joining the team, straight from the comedy festival tour of their show Fear of a Brown Planet are Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman who write and create sketch characters like Uncle Sam – a rumbustious tunic-wearing Muslim uncle, and Fatima “Teems” – the frustrated Muslim teenager who always has issues with her dad.

Nazeem Hussain is also the resident barista of Salam Cafe and the show’s roving reporter, covering local events and giving the people a voice in the regular segment – Salam Cafe 2 Go!

Ahmed Hassan, an eye surgeon whose mission is to save everyone’s sight so that they can watch Salam Cafe, Dakhylina Madkhul and Toltu Tufa complete the on camera team.

Ted Robinson and Pamela Swain (Good News Week) will produce the series.

The series is based on the Antenna Award winning program of the same name which previously aired on Community Television in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.


  1. Dear Mohammad Farid Abawi,

    If you get my email through this site please send me an email coz i lost ur contact from skype.


    Mariam Alimi

    From Kabul Afghanistan

  2. Dear brothers and sisters of Islam!

    (Salaam helikum wa
    rahmat ullah e wa brakatoo hoo)

    My name is Mohammad Farid Abawi from Melbourne I’m an Afghan I really like your show and enjoy watching it.
    But I would like to ask for a favor if its possible to produce, talk debates, new and shows to give description about Islam to whom who doesn’t know Islam and wants to learn, history, culture, dignity record , the life of the prophet and the resent scientific miracles of Qur’an which is very powerful and discovered by modern age science tests and its already made in English you could research in the following site ( and really it would be very smart to produce news and talks that suit Islam and Muslims in the whole world because every one from every Islamic culture and backgrounds watches this show around the world and specially in Australia where we live the same way as the other religions It should be perfect that other get interested to watch it too and try to Produce things to lead people to the way truth of Islam and clear any misguides against Islam and Muslims from the darkness of evil and ignorance it will make very greater and stronger humanity and secure society.

  3. I totally agree. “Da-Wood”
    that was completely insutling to a Prophet who would fast every second day for the sake of allah and yes the show should be taken off air.

    As the Prophet (PBUH) said. If you knew what i know you would weep much and laugh little”

    May Allah (swt) guide us to the straight path adn not the path of those who angered Allah (swt).

    Get this show off air it is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!

  4. straight shooter

    I am Muslim born and raised in Australia and I did not like the show at all, I think it should be taken of air.
    Islam is a religion to be preached in a manner of teaching not in a manner of comedy.
    I have watched the show previously and I was not happy with some of the comments being made about Islam when asking Aussies in Frankston VIC to answer what they knew about Islam and then turning that into a comedy piece. If someone doesn’t know we inform not laugh at what was said.
    Im sorry but I did not find that segment funny at all.
    We need to let people know what Islam is all about and not let the media give them the wrong message as they have and are doing.

  5. Sillygostly

    Being a Muslim, I’m definately intrigued, although it seems a little gimmicky to center a whole show solely on religious/cultural humour. Nevertheless, SC will hopefully provide some consolation following the wonderful season finale of Newstopia. *sniff*

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