Airdate: Wild at Heart

The ABC will screen ITV drama Wild at Heart from Saturday June 21.

In the 7:30pm timeslot it will replace Bed of Roses. The show follows a Bristol-based vet and his family relocating to start a game park in South Africa. It is created by Ashley Pharoah, co-creator of Life on Mars and its spin-off Ashes to Ashes.

It stars Stephen Tompkinson (Drop the Dead Donkey, Balleykissangel).

The second series added evergreen actress Hayley Mills, best known for the film Pollyanna. The show has had three series with a fourth on the way.

Press Release:

Wild At Heart is a new six-part drama series about an English family, the Trevanions, who move to the South African bush to set up and run a game reserve and, more importantly, to sort out the problems within the family itself.

In the beginning, Danny Trevanion (a widower and vet in his early 40s) is living in England with his 18-year-old daughter Rosie, Sarah (his wife of six months) and Sarah’s two children from her previous marriage, eight-year-old Olivia and 13-year-old Evan. Tensions are running high in the Trevanion household as they all try to adjust to the new living arrangements.

To ease the pressure, Danny and Sarah decide to take the family on a fateful holiday to South Africa where they meet Andre Du Plessis a hard-bitten Afrikaner who owns a run-down game reserve, Leopard’s Den.

On a wave of optimism, Danny and Sarah are persuaded by Du Plessis to invest their life savings in the game reserve and start a new life in the South African bush.

But there are many trials and tribulations to be overcome within the family, with the locals – and of course – there are always those animals who never seem to behave as expected or do as they are told!

With humour, trepidation and excitement all blended together, the Trevanion family stay determined to make a go of their new business – and their exotic new lifestyle!

Stars Stephen Tompkinson, Amanda Holden, Lucy-Jo Hudson, Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Rafaella Hutchinson and Deon Stewardson.


  1. Series one of this show was being seen just last summer on 10, on Sunday arvos. Will the abc be staring from series one or series two?

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