Australian Federal Police: the series

The Australian Federal Police will raise its profile through a television production to be produced via Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films company.

Head of production Anita Jacoby confirmed an in-principle agreement had been reached with the AFP, but said nothing had been signed. Zapruder had been in discussion with the AFP since the beginning of last year and she hoped production would begin within a few months. She described the show as a “cross between Australian Story and RPA“.

Ms Jacoby said the show would bear no resemblance to other reality-TV shows featuring law enforcement agencies, such as Border Security. “It will be much more an observational documentary series. We’re much more about meeting the AFP officers and telling their stories,” she said.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty yesterday also revealed that the AFP had once explored the idea of a drama series with Crawford Productions, makers of such long-running hits as The Flying Doctors, The Sullivans and Cop Shop.

“It has been thought of,” Mr Keelty said. “I guess one of the difficulties is we tried this many years ago with Crawfords … and it’s very hard to represent – well, it was in that era – what we really do.”

But the AFP’s reputation had recently taken a battering since the case of Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef, who was detained and charged with a supporting terrorism offence.

The case collapsed when the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions admitted there was insufficient evidence to obtain a guilty verdict.

Factual shows have built exhaustive relationships with government departments including customs, state police, fire, rescue, air force, animal welfare, medical and more. Sea Patrol enjoys the co-operation of the navy, as such shows elevate the visibility and heroics of government divisions. The factuals are also considered cost-effective, should they prove successful.

The AFP’s vast terrain of policing, includes everything from terrorism, drug raids and a role in the Pacific region.

Source:, Aust Federal Police, The Australian


  1. Wow Billy….got a few anger issues?

    I know first hand of many lives saved by members of the AFP. Not to mention ongoing work to maintain the stability and security of every day Australians.

    Sure, any organisation with 6000+ members is going to have the odd person not performing as they should. Maybe you dealt with one which has given rise to your diatribe.

    However, surely anyone with the intelligence to write a novel should have the ability to see the difference between the odd exception and a workforce of dedicated people who routinely risk their own lives to ensure the security of yours.

    …or maybe you just had you pot seized by some ACT coppers…..would explain your raving paranoia (CIA, MI5 spying on Grannies???).

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your next novel – I’m thinking it will be the one written in crayon.

  2. Billy Boofhead

    This oughta be good. A failed, incompetent outfit is going to outspin Warnie with some flossy TV show. You got a lot of balls you lot. I write novels where I routinely savage the AFP and it goes down a treat. So what are we going to see this time? Clowns in black jumpsuits and face masks cooking lamingtons in the name of national security and superhuman capablilites? You’re no better than your pals in the CIA, MI5 and so on. Too busy spying on some old lady who flogs flowers when Osama walks in the front door and punches our front teeth out. Make sure you all go to the tan clinic and you show your best side. You’re useless. There’s nothing between us and the baddies. You’ve betrayed this country. Give it your best shot but very few of us are happy. Shameful. God help us.

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