Bumped: Hell’s Kitchen, Madeleine. Gone: Canal Road.

Sometimes Nine programming resembles musical chairs. Once the music starts everybody moves, where and when they land, lord only knows.

There are more changes coming to Wednesdays. Cancel anything you’ve read here in previous posts.

Next Wednesday May 7 stands as is, but May 14 everything is changed again.

Wed May 14:
7:30pm Fire 000
8:00pm Search and Rescue
8:30pm Movie: Hitch
10:55pm Life of Grime.

Hell’s Kitchen moves to Thursdays 8:30pm from May 15 replacing Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (UK -it was moving into repeats). Canal Road is gone -at least until there is another amendment that may or may not bring it back. Great treatment for a new Aussie drama.

The planned Madeleine: A Year of Mystery; Her Parents’ Story will now screen earlier on Sunday May 11 at 10:30pm across all Nine networks for 75 minutes. It replaces a repeat of Crime Investigation Australia.

So there you have it (for now). Gordon Ramsay, sensibly slips back to two nights a week, but Nine and Seven both go toe to toe with Wednesday night movies, while TEN benefits with a handful of new House episodes. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Seven return to one hour dramas in this slot sooner rather than later. But which shows?

Nine will also have State of Origin matches on May 21, June 11 and July 2.

Canal Road is still valuable to Nine for local quota points but may have to wait until non-ratings season.

Update: Canal Road returns 10:30pm Wed May 28.

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  1. +1

    Hell’s Kitchen US (aka “Ramsay’s Apprentice) was terrible. I won’t be watching it again.

    I’d rather watch re-runs of Kitchen Nightmares.

  2. I am also a massive Ramsey fan but I don’t really like hells kitchen all that much I love kitchen nightmare though thanks to foxtesl balls up I missed last weeks I found an old video lying around the other day it was of one of his first shows Ramsey’s boiling point would be good if 9 repeated that

  3. donniedarko

    Agree 100% with on that fangerA101, Hells Kitchen is crap.
    I am a huge Ramsay fan, but this show is average. I wonder why nine don’t show the F word(maybe Lifestyle channel has the exclusive rights), F word is 110% times better than Hell’s.

  4. Seven should move Greys Antonmy to Wednesday Nights so it won’t be up against new Csi. Shame about Canal Road this weeks episode i thought was’nt that bad, the cast had good chemistry and it seemed like it was getting better each week. Do you think Nine might save in for later in the year like it did with Royal Flying Doctors Service? Premiere it then move it for later in the year with a big new launch campain like Underbelly?

  5. Caroline & Jason

    the US ones have been finished for weeks. channel 9 did not show 2 episodes from the 4th season of the UK version, both were follow ups from season 3. WILL THEY SHOW THEM?

  6. When I read the post title I was afraid that Hell’s Kitchen was gone completely. Thank God it’s moving to Thurdays. Sometimes a little too much of a good thing can be bad.

  7. KnoxOverstreet

    The Kitchen Nightmares episodes on Thursday are the Uk ones which I assume Nine are moving to Tuesday to replace the US version.

    Seven’s cupboard is kinda bare at the moment which is why they are showing movies on Wednesday in the first place.

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