Flower Show Blitz for Durie

Jamie Durie and project manager Wes Fleming have won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Durie was clearly taken by the win, saying, “I still can’t believe it. . . we met the Queen. . .she said ‘what a lovely curve in the deck’ and she seemed to be really taken with the garden. . .we presented her with a Brachychiton rupestris [Queensland bottle tree] for her own garden.

“Then Prince Phillip came along and said ‘what a lovely tree fern’. I told him it wasn’t a tree fern but a cycad. . .he said he wasn’t there for a lesson!”

“Not long after, Prince Albert of Monaco came by and we got the impression he wanted a bottle tree . . .so we gave him one too!”

The Durie garden was planted with indigenous plants – a first time at at Chelsea. It included Xanthorrhoea (grass trees), Brachychiton (bottle trees) and Macrozamia, complemented with a back layered planting to make a carpet of texture and colour.

He insisted the win was a team effort with a 20 strong team working full time for close to a month to prepare it for the show.

Durie will front a new show for Channel Seven this year, Outdoor Room.

The winning Chelsea garden was designed by Durie and constructed by teams from Ian Barker and Associates while Atkinson Pontifex constructed the signature curved deck.

Source / Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

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