Giaan Rooney to host Battlefronts

Giaan Rooney is hosting a new lifestyle show to be produced by Endemol Southern Star for the Nine Network.

Battlefronts sees two neighbouring homes given front lawn makeovers by a team of renovators and landscapers. Each neighbour will select a garden design for the other, to be created in 8 hours on a budget of $10,000.

The local neighbourhood will decide the best design.

Press Release:

Following on from the success of Domestic Blitz, the Nine Network today announced production of its new lifestyle program, Battlefronts, to be hosted by Giaan Rooney.

Battlefronts takes the makeover format to a new level with each episode being a weekly war on two front lawns. Two expert teams have to compete in a one-day challenge to transform two very forgettable front yards into two fabulous ones. The gardens belong to two average Aussie families who have been neighbours for some time and live next door to each other.

Team one comprises Marc Canavan (builder), Melissa King (horticulturist) and Adam Goodchild (landscaper), while the second team is Joel Hurrey (horticulturist), Celia Pisasale (designer/gardener) and Trent Robinson (builder). As well as transforming the front yards, the two teams give viewers great information and gardening tips.

In each episode of Battlefronts two designs are created for each garden. The neighbours choose the two final designs – not for themselves but for each other – so neither neighbour knows what kind of makeover they will be getting. A coin toss determines which team makes over which yard, and each team has a budget of $10,000 to transform their yard.

What the makeover teams create in just eight hours, the average homeowner can achieve over eight days with a budget of $10,000. All of the designs are simple and can be easily followed by the home handyperson.

During the eight-hour makeover the local neighbourhood puts on its judge’s hat and votes one of the gardens the weekly winner. The owners then return home to find their front yard hidden for the big surprise.

Battlefronts is produced for the Nine Network by Endemol Southern Star.

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  1. Jo Jo Zep and the Eagles!

    I watched one of the Battle fronts shows being made. And believe me , when the camera stopped rolling, they all still kept working.
    They did have labourers on both teams, and they should get some credit as these labourers did as much work…if not more as the presenters…as they didnt fool around for the camera as did the “Talent”. They kept slogging and digging and lifting etc.
    As to who to contact to have a make over done.., Id be contacting the company that made the show, which is Endemol Southern Star. Channel nine just buy the rights to the show.
    But get behind battlefronts and show some support, cause if you dont, then this show will just go by the wayside as with so many other new shows these days.

  2. Makeover shows are great if they educate , but watching “Battlefronts” for the first time tonight was excruciating.. I wanted to see the the final makeovers but how much more giggling of the presenter do we have to endure?. Giaan giggles her way through, the presenter from Domestic Blitz and Favourite Home Videos is another giggling screamer! Channel Nine needs to treat us, the audience with a bit more respect. The show contents are interesting but clearly they are getting B Grade celebs and it is no wonder they can’t hold the ratings. We need a few more “sensible ” presenters please !

  3. The idea of the program is absolutely brilliant. Made me feel green with envy as my place is a total disaster area. My front yard is over grown with leaves and high grass. on the property I have Three Fertile Female Dingos ( Warrigals or Traditional Campsite Dogs) They are chained constantly as me Mother next door , put all Dingos as wild dogs that will attack at random. What a whole lot of rubbish. My Dingos are gorgeous,they wouldn’t hurt a fly. I am also of Aboriginal Decent and have lived here for almost sixteen years. I live alone taking care of my niece , who is sixteen as well. I never seem to find time between Working five days a week as a relieving Aboriginal Education Officer at Kadina High School, Goonellabah near Lismore. Please Battlefronts could you please try and help me out as my Dream is to start up a Young Aboriginal Girls Camp to re-educate our Young Ladies back to Cultural and Traditional Woman’s Business. I would really try to start a campsite place for Young Woman to get back to the land, with no Phones,T.V’s,Playstations etc. Build a campfire, tell their stories as well as ours, meaning Grabing our elders to speak and tell their stories. Thanks For Listening
    Yours Sincerly
    Janelle Lurline Cook

  4. WithouT sounding too harsh, The Battlefronts Premier offered nothing new and snippets of gardening informationwas presented in such a spasmodic way and that it could not be absoprbed. The hostess’s toothy ( apologies for the crticism ) optimism to drag excitement from the home owners was almost embarrassing.
    Come on Channel 9, get some professional presenters and some substance to your shows!

  5. Sharon Mcinerney

    Hello, we have been living at our house for more than 19 years and things are the same as they were back 19 years and our front yard is exactly the same and it is a distaster, but not as much as our neighbours front yard. it would be great to have a new front yard and i think our neighbours would love it too!! Our neighbour’s husband is away on business alot and she does a wonderful job with the 3 kids!! I think both our front yards would be a challenge!!

  6. Hi, we will be awaiting in anticipation for this Front yard make over show ‘Battlefronts’. It will be really great to get all the tips that will help us with our pending front yard makeover.
    looking forward to the premier tonight!

  7. Hi my name is kim and i am interrested in how to get a new front yard. We brought our home 3yrs ago .It has been very hard as just after we moved in we had our 3rd child a boy . And the interest rates keepped going up, i wasnt working and things are very tight like every other person. There is another hurdle that we have to get over . In feb this year i was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has traveled to my spin,liver ,back and hips so now i am unable to work,drive,etc .We have 3 children and are trying to do our best on one wage,we have a great group of freinds. So what i am asking is that you consider us for a front yard makeover .This would help us so much and lift the load off my husbands . And we have neighbours could do with a makeover also .Thankyou

  8. As some of the talent doing this show is local how about giving it a look before you judge it. Im looking forward to seeing my son on the tv as im sure the other families of the line up are, at least then you can make a valid comment better than just dribling on about something that hasent aired yet. Do yourself a favor and watch.

  9. Hi I live in Molendinar on the gold coast and would love my front yard to have a makeover. I’m not sure how you go about requesting this. When we purchased the home it was a dump and we have been working on the home for 3 years and still going. It is almost a new home now. The front yard is still got to be finished but each time we save to do something another thing pops up. Our neighbours place is a mess also. Don’t say I said that but it is and the front is the first thing people see when they drive by. My husband and I both work and I have 2 children.
    Your show sounds like fun so it should be a good laugh and cry when you see the owners reactions to the work. Looking forward to it.

  10. We are in desperate need of a front yard makeover and are currently making over our side and backyard with progress stalled due to Council and Sydney Water requirements. Our front yard slopes upwards but has a wonderful view of Mt. Keira, NSW and is currently where the backyard excavated dirt has been dumped (and has weeds growing on it now). We do not envisage any issues with Council or Sydney Water for the front yard. My neighbour’s yard is pretty complete but he has requested on numerous occasions that we jointly plant out our adjoining side boundaries as he has mostly grass on our western adjoining side and his front yard which he does not want to mow anymore. He does also have another area that is retained on the other side/front of his yard that may need some planting but his driveway is complete and in the middle of his front yard. Would you be interested in this sort of a joint neighbourhood makeover? Thank you. Marie.

  11. Can you be in the same neighbourhood/suburb rather than right next door to each other – my sister and I moved into our homes in the same suburb in 2006 and 2005 respectively but in different streets of Figtree, NSW? Both our front yards are in desperate need of makeovers and we both have children and busy husbands! HELP!

  12. I would love to have a front garden makeover done by these teams of experts. My nieghbour has as much trouble as me trying to come up with a design that is easy to manage & low on cost. I will be watching for some great ideas. Hopefully they will suits the melbourne climate.

  13. How will Aussie TV die if our local shows are rating very well right now? We have injected new life into our dramas and our shows are being bought and aired all over the world, not to mention some pretty big international names are reproducing our local stuff. For Aussie Tv its a great time!!

  14. Oh the tedium.

    Renovations and makeovers. Token Nine “personality” wheeled out to show her teeth to the camera (nothing against Giaan, who I’ve got plenty of time for, but can’t they find her something interesting to do?)

    I’m astonished that there are people actually getting paid to think this drivel up. It’s like watching the slow, lingering death of Australian TV.

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