Just your friendly neighbourhood serial killer

TEN has confirmed Dexter is due in July.

The Showtime series about the serial killer, who kills serial killers, stars Michael C. Hall. Two series have already screened on the Showcase Channel, but as anyone who has seen them knows, it is a dazzling series.

No date has yet been released. I’m thinking 8:30pm Wednesdays would be perfect, possibly when the State of Origin games end. But classification will likely require a 9:30pm timeslot -it’s grim, twisted and delightful all at once.

In the US CBS also screened the cable-produced series during the writers’ strike. Showtime will launch the third series later this year.

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  1. Frankly Stevie G, to blindly assume that the show won’t appeal to you just because the lead character is a serial killer means you will miss out on seeing one of the best tv shows ever made.

    The most violence you’ll see in the majority of episodes is more than likely going to be the starting sequence, which shows violence in every day activities – Dexter’s morning routine. It is shocking. At one point, there is an orange cut up with a knife! That will surely have viewers writing to 10 to complain.

    The character is a serial killer who ONLY kills other serial killers. The moral questions this raises are well worth asking.

    But sure, why not write it off entirely before even watching an episode just based on the storyline. That sounds like a brilliant idea. /sarcasm off.

    I love the show – I have seen seasons one and two in full. Good on Channel 10 for bringing it to the masses, but they better not cut one second of it – they would ruin the show entirely if they did and people would be better off buying the DVD’s. There’s nothing worse than what is seen on other shows like CSI etc.

    Season 2 is due to be released here on DVD August 21. It is worth the wait. 😉


  2. As someone who has downloaded copies of seasons 1 and 2 but not gotten around to watching them yet, this is good news.


    Because on Ten I’ll get to see it in high definition rather than the blurry blocky Xvid files that turned up on the torrent sites.

    However, if they start cutting bits out, the deal’s off 🙂

  3. I’m one of the few readers of this site that hasn’t seen it. I gotta say though the premise, a show that has a serial killer as it’s lead dosn’t appeal to me at all. That’s the thing with these critically appraised HBO series. They are often violent, depressing or have leads involved in criminal activity. None of which I wan’t to be seeing on free to air.

  4. Mike Beckham

    I agree David, but have to wonder if mainstream Australian audiences will take to it.

    Maybe with CSI being popular but this is far darker.

  5. The “else” is still huge.

    There’s a significant audience that doesn’t have Foxtel, let alone a top tier channel like Showcase. There’s also going to be a huge audience that hasn’t bought this on DVD or downloaded it. Everyone who has done either really only furthers strong word of mouth on the show thus helping to drive new viewers towards it (is there anyone who watched it who bagged it… doubtful).

    Readers of this site (and similar) are voracious consumers of TV via online and elsewhere, but we are still the minority when it comes to audience figures.

    I think it’s a smart buy for TEN.

  6. Is it really going to rate for 10? Probably not, as it has already been released on DVD(season 1), and both seasons aired on Showcase, other than people who don’t have foxtel or decent speed broadband, who else is going to tune in?

  7. Having seen both (fantastic) series I don’t see much editing necessary here. TEN is not CBS where network television is very pious. There is a big enough audience yet to taste its delights and keep it on SD too.

    Guessing it will air unedited in an MA timeslot.

  8. I saw the first 2 season on Showcase (and recorded them) I bet ch10 edits them, if only to fit in more ads which is sad.

    I wonder how long before it gets dumped on 10HD?

  9. Meh, already seen both series on Showcase, without the ads and the 10 watermark(same deal for the dvd).
    It will probably be edited for, even for a 9:30pm or 10:30pm timeslot.

    I Guess there will be some people who haven’t already seen dexter by either A) “Viewed it by Other Means”, B) Imported the Season 1 dvd(which came out before showcase aired it), or C) watched it uninterrupted and uncut on Showcase.

  10. The episodes CBS screened were edited for classification purposes as well as to make room for commercial content.

    Hopefully TEN will edit them in-house. Judging by the amount of violence, sex and profanity evident on FTA at the moment, Dexter may be edited less than in the States.

    It’s really not an 8:30pm show. My guess would be Monday 9:30pm – the infamous Californication timeslot…

  11. Were the screenings on CBS edited? If they were, are they the episodes we are likely to see on TEN? Californication aired at 9.30pm on TEN and I seem to recall at least one episode was edited.

  12. This is great news! This is one of the best television shows I’ve seen in a long time. It will be interesting to see if Channel Ten have to hack the episodes because things can get a little dark and bloody. Highly recommended! David please let us know when you have a confirmed time slot! Thank you!!!!!

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