Nine gets big on Japan

While production proceeds on remaking Hole in the Wall, Channel Nine has also picked up the rights to a game show format titled Big in Japan.

Nine is expected to make a localised version of the series which sees 10 Western contestants whisked off to Tokyo to compete in an “extreme and wacky” Japanese gameshow.

The results and prizing will be based on who best adapts to the Japanese culture and challenges in each episode.

Originally a Danish format, it has been licensed to Endemol in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In the US it will air on ABC as I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

Endemol’s Lisette van Diepen said, “Big In Japan promises a great combination of action, comedy and culture, which audiences across Europe will love. This is a highly sought-after format.”

Australia, the US and the UK will remake their own format of the show.

Source: C21
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  1. TelevisionAU

    is 9 ever going to figure out that wacky game shows are not the answer? Moment of Truth, Power of 10, and Hole In The Wall which is a disaster about to happen.

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