Paula Abdul losin the plot

American Idol judge Paula Abdul is again in the news, this time for fumbling her way though a judging assessment. Abdul seemed to stumble over her notes, getting confused about whether one of the contestants, Jason Castro, had sung one song or two.

It triggered a flurry of gossip that she was under the influence….

But Abdul blamed the blunder on a new judging format. For the first time in seven years, she said judges were asked to wait to critique contestants until all five had performed. Abdul said she first heard about the change when the show went live.

“I go, ‘We have never had to do this before … Oh my God, what do we do?'” she told Seacrest.

“We were freaking out,” Abdul added. “I said, ‘We’re gonna need paper and a pen to make sure we remember what we saw.'”

“I got lost in my notes, and that is as simple as it was,” she said. “It’s so confusing.

American Idol airs on FOX8.

Source: US Magazine

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