Seriously pumped by new acquisitions

Network TEN has returned home from the LA screenings with what it claims is its best haul in more than 10 years.

Amongst its eight new network shows are the US version of Life on Mars, Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, the 90210 spin-off (pictured), the animated Cleveland from Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane, plus Harper’s Island, Worst Week and Jerry O’Connell’s Do Not Disturb (the re-named The Inn which was picked up at the expense of Back To You).

It will also add Courtroom K, Lie to Me and Sons of Anarchy from FX Networks later.

TEN also confirms renewal of House, NCIS, The Simpsons, Law & Order, SVU, CI, Medium, Numb3rs, Supernatural, Californication, Life, Rules of Engagement, and Burn Notice.

2009 Show Watch

Press Release:

TEN has landed its best US line up in more than 10 years with eight new US network shows and the return of many proven performers.

On returning from the 2008 Los Angeles screenings, TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “This has been by far one of our most successful trips to the US in terms of the calibre and volume of shows.

“Our output arrangements with 20th Century Fox Television and CBS Television Network – both prolific studios – have proved particularly lucrative with eight new commissioned shows: five from Fox including Do Not Disturb, Cleveland, The Ex List, Life on Mars and Dollhouse, and three from CBS including 90210, Harpers Island and Worst Week.

“Many of these shows epitomise a fresh style of programming that will undoubtedly appeal to our core viewers 18-49.

“We’re confident that the new shows will add an extra dimension to TEN’s programming and strengthen our existing local and international line up.”

Mr Mott added there were other shows in production from Fox such as Courtroom K, Lie to Me and Sons of Anarchy for FX Networks. These shows will be available later in the year.

The US line up features five new one-hour dramas, three new half-hour comedies, as well as the renewal of TEN’s hit US shows: House, now 24 episodes; NCIS, now 27 episodes; The Simpsons; Law & Order; Law & Order: SVU; Law & Order: CI; Medium; Numb3rs; Supernatural; Californication; and last season’s new hits Life; Rules of Engagement; and Burn Notice.

20th Century Fox Television
Life on Mars: One of the most anticipated shows of the US fall season, an adaptation of the BBC series about a 21st century detective who is mysteriously transported back to the 1970s.

It’s a gritty crime series shot out of New York. One-hour drama Dollhouse: Hit team Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire slayer) and Eliza Dushku (actress Buffy the Vampire Slayer) pair up again for this high voltage drama series that is a cross between “Minority Report” and “The Bourne Identity”. One-hour mid-season drama

The Ex List: Starring Elizabeth Reaser (Jane Doe from Grey’s Anatomy), this drama/comedy centres on a woman who discovers she has one year to figure out which one of her ex boyfriends is “the one” otherwise, she’ll live the rest of her life alone. One-hour drama/comedy

Cleveland: An animated spin off from Fox’s enduringly popular series Family Guy staring Peter Griffin’s bathtub-accident-prone neighbour, Cleveland Brown. Half-hour mid-season comedy

Do Not Disturb: Jerry O’Connell (Jerry McGuire, Crossing Jordan) stars in this hot new comedy set in a hip New York City hotel: The Inn. The Inn is the place to be, with its chic décor, stylish staff and celebrity clientele. Behind the scenes, it’s anything but. Half-hour comedy TEN retains preferential selection of its 20th Century Fox deal which served the network well last year.

CBS Television Network:
90210: The most popular post code on television is back. A contemporary spin off of Aaron Spelling’s seminal 1990s teen soap Beverly Hills 90210. This much-anticipated show, 90210, boasts a hot new “it clique” in Lori Louglin and Rob Estes, together with the return of old faces Kelly Taylor (Jenny Garth). One-hour mid-season drama

Harper’s Island: One of the most compelling dramas to hit our screens, Harper’s Island is a 13- part closed ended mystery boasting a killer cast, an original concept and strong script. It’s a murder mystery that unfolds as friends and family attend a week-long wedding celebration on a secluded and picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, infamous for a homicidal maniac’s rampage seven years ago. One-hour mid-season drama

Worst Week: A firm favourite with international program buyers, this half-hour comedy sees entertainment magazine editor Sam Briggs do anything to impress his girlfriend’s parents but no matter how hard he tries, continually messes up. This “Meet the Parents-esque” series is tipped to be a major hit.

Capping off a winning line up Dexter, the critically acclaimed drama series about a serial killer, makes its first appearance on TEN in July.


  1. The only show I’m looking forward to is Dollhouse. Life on Mars won’t last (anyone remember the Coupling remake?) and now 90210 has nothing to do with Rob Thomas anymore I don’t know if it will be any different than the rest of those shows…

  2. Pretty good lineup overall. Certainly better than this year’s with crap like Cane and Women’s Murder Club. It will be nice to see some new stuff on TEN besides bloody House and NCIS. I hope they fast-track some of these in September, in particular Life on Mars, Life, and perhaps 90210. As for the comedies, I am reluctant to give them a shot after Back to You was axed. I was enjoying that one. I’m most looking forward to Cleveland and Dollhouse though. McFarlane and Whedon are two of the best minds on telly.

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