Airdate: Battle of the Choirs

It will be a battle in keeping with its title as Seven’s Battle of the Choirs takes on the might of 60 Minutes from Sunday June 15. The new entertainment show will air at 7:30pm, no doubt giving both the current affairs leader and TEN’s Big Brother considerable grief.

Seven is no doubt hoping the show hosted by David Koch will also help alleviate lowly figures in the timeslot. Most Shocking and My Name is Earl have been thumped by Nine’s 60 Minutes.

As previously reported, Jonathon Welch, Iva Davies, Charli Delaney and George Torbay will comprise the judging panel, assessing choirs from all over Australia as they tackle different musical genres.

One thing is for sure. It had better rate. This will be one mighty expensive show to produce. But with Granada at the helm, it should also be a pretty slick format.

The winning choir pockets $100,000 and a contract with Universal Music.

Press Release:

You might think you know how a choir sounds? This is the show that will make you think again. Hosted by DAVID KOCH, BATTLE OF THE CHOIRS sees 16 community choirs from around Australia stand and deliver. Prepare to hear what you’ve never heard before – songs you never thought a choir could sing, as our choirs try to impress the most critical ears in the land.

Tenor, choirmaster and founder of The Choir of Hard Knocks, JONATHON WELCH; Australian music icon IVA DAVIES; entertainer and actress CHARLI DELANEY; and one of Australia ’s most sought after choral conductors GEORGE TORBAY form the expert judging panel on BATTLE OF THE CHOIRS.

The four judges will have full say on who makes it through each round of the knockout competition with two choirs eventually going head to head in the Grand Final.

Gospel, barbershop, classical, pop, a cappella, jazz, soul – all genres of choir are represented, but it’s personality, passion, power and performance they’ll need to make it past the judges when they’re challenged to perform songs from the likes of Powderfinger, Kylie Minogue, Meatloaf, Rihanna, Kiss, AC/DC, Scissor Sisters, Queen, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Pink and more.

The winning choir will be awarded $100,000, plus they’ll get to record an album for Universal Music.

BATTLE OF THE CHOIRS is hosted by DAVID KOCH. The judging panel features Jonathon Welch, Iva Davies, Charli Delaney and GEORGE TORBAY. PAUL GRAY is Music Director. .

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  1. Can someone PURLEASE show Mr Koch a Thesaurus? He used the adjective ‘fantastic’ 12745238 times on Sunday. What ever happened to marvellous, wonderful, great, splendid, tremendous,beautiful, wondrous, beaut, amazing, sensational etc etc?

  2. I am not much of a television watcher, however i like choirs and i was told about this show. I liked it and will continue to watch if you gag that annoying girl judge. I would like to hear what the other judges have to say, but she rudely cuts them off and treats them as though their opinions are wrong.

  3. Maybe it will encorage Nine to stop using 60mins as a plug for their own shows.

    I think its a great concept and will be interested to see how it goes. Good luck to all TH

  4. I don’t really like Kochie as a presenter, but I think he did well! As for the show I really enjoyed it! The male barbershop choirs Michael Jackson rendition was fantastic! I’ll be watching again!

  5. hannah-sheree

    danniiboy, I’m of the understanding that many choirs didn’t “audition”. My choir is competing in this competition, and we were asked to be in it, rather than audition.

    Kochey isn’t so bad as a host though (though there could be better).
    I hope the show is interesting enough to hold up the ratings – some of the choirs are fantastic!!!!

  6. While I agree with Ashley on the choice of host, I’ll probably still be watching. I’m just annoyed that I didn’t hear about auditions.

  7. Nah I prefer watching 60 minutes than a group of people singing for a prize money and record deal. As for David Kosh as the host – can’t stand him on Sunrise.

  8. A brave time slot, but I think this will be a success.

    It would be interesting to see one of the networks try an original Australian drama series in that timeslot as I feel certain that would be even more successful.

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