Airdate: Lipstick Jungle, Private Practice

Seven will continue its “female-skewed” Sundays with Private Practice and Lipstick Jungle replacing Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters (surprise, surprise).

On Sunday June 29 both shows take up residence at 8:30pm for Practice and 9:30pm for Jungle.

There are currently 9 eps of the former and 7 eps of the latter, but both have second seasons due in the US fall.

Update: The special Come Rain or Come Shine: Grey’s Anatomy to Private Practice will now screen:
2pm Thu June 19
12:30am Tue June 24
2am Sun June 29


  1. Both shows are okay but not remarkable it will be interesting to see the ratings compared to the current line-up.

    They are only 6 Sundays from June 29 to Sept 3 so what will they do with the remaining eps? shelve them until 2009?

  2. Not really a big surprise here. I won’t watch either of these shows but I suppose its nice to see something new on schedule. Now how about some Eli Stone action?

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