Airdate: Spiral

French thriller Spiral will air on SBS later this month.

The 8 part drama begins with the discovery of the badly beaten body of a young Romanian woman on a Parisian rubbish dump. Her identity and past life are gradually uncovered as the various parts of the French justice system investigate her death. However, it becomes apparent that her story ties to a network of corruption touching the very people charged with uncovering the truth about her.

It will premiere on Thursday June 19 at 8.30pm.

Spiral aired in the UK it aired on BBC Four, which has also picked up the second series.

Press Release:

The naked body of a beautiful young woman, her face beaten beyond recognition by her killer, is found in a public dump.

A horrendous crime, an affair, prostitution, drugs, shady business dealings and politics muddy the investigation for Pierre Clément, the young public prosecutor, Police Captain Laure Berthaud and investigating magistrate Judge Roban.

Spiral runs for eight weeks and begins on SBS on Thursday June 19 at 8.30pm continuing the broadcaster’s Thursday’s crime night.

For Prosecutor Clément, the case is complicated by the involvement of his old friend, Benoît Faye, the CEO of a booming business. As Clément, Berthaud and Roban work together to see justice done, each with their own methods and beliefs, and each dealing with their own personal demons, the situation soon becomes hopelessly complex.

Spiral features an idealistic prosecutor, a by-the-book judge, a smart detective and a sleazy lawyer.

Starkly filmed corpses, autopsies and interviews, monochromatic photography and hand-held camera shots give Spiral a hard-hitting, realistic and edgy feel.

David Knox is an occasional blogger for SBS.

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