Airdate: The F Word. Gone: CSI: NY

There’s almost something poetic about the once-saturated CSI being pushed aside by the newly-saturated Gordon Ramsay, but that’s exactly what Nine is doing.

The F Word series, which has already aired on the Lifestyle Channel, will replace CSI:NY from next Monday at 9:30pm.

Nine had originally planned to screen it on a Friday night in its non-NRL states, but sensibly decided the chef was too popular to waste there. Screening on Monday could also undermine Seven’s Boiling Point series at 10pm Tuesdays.

Nine will screen the second series (June 2006, UK) which sees Ramsay prepare a Sunday lunch for 50 people at his F Word restaurant. If diners don’t like the meal, they don’t have to pay. While the first series in the UK was screened before 9pm, Nine is smartly kicking off with the uncensored second series.

No word on CSI:NY returning yet.

Acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay uses his passion and flare in the kitchen to help ordinary people, not professional chefs prepare simple and delicious meals. Each week Gordon helps amateur chef’s prepare dishes that viewers can cook at home. He also takes on the brave task of trying to re-invent and encourage the traditional Sunday family lunch.

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  1. dear channel 9,PLEASE please bring back CSI:NY. Ramsey maybe the ‘in’thing right now,but i look forward to csi:ny, not everyone watches ramsey. Please say csi:ny isn;t gone for good.fantastic show

  2. KnoxOverstreet

    Smart move by Nine as australia just loves Ramsay! From what I’ve heard this is another great show from Gordo. Also Nine may be thinking of pairing CSI:NY with CSI:Miami on sunday night after CSI finishes.

    And fangera agreed Nine are loaded with hits at the moment and last nights CSI was a classic! (the 2.5 men cross over)

  3. Holy crap kid lol
    The Nine have got a bunch of shows rating there socks off, just look at last night, CSI still top ratings, (good episode too), Domestic Blitz kicked butt. Seems like this year f they keep going the way they are going Nine will take out the year finally.
    Richtob, look up the definition of “sarcasm” and “figure of speech”
    I’m amazed your still stewing that one and took it literally.

  4. There’s a video of Ramsay taking a leak on youtube. Perhaps Nine would like to air that as well?! This man is truly the only thing stopping that worthless network from flopping. And guess what Australia, if you don’t like it, you should “move out of teh country!!!!!11one!11eleven!1”

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