Airdate: The Life & Times of Vivienne Vyle

Here’s one for fans of Jennifer Saunders (and who isn’t?).

UKTV will screen her latest TV project, The Life & Times of Vivienne Vyle. Saunders plays a relentless TV chat show host.

The BBC described the show as “Ab Fab meets The Larry Sanders Show with quite a bit of Ricki Lake and Oprah thrown in.” That covers everyone. Six eps aired from October last year and a second is to be made.

Inspired by Jerry Springer and trashy talk shows Vyle’s subject matter includes shows about “Vivienne, I Can’t Stop Googling Myself”, “We’re Conjoined Twins and We’re At Each Other’s Throats!!” and “He’s Not Your Lover, He’s Your Dad.”

Miranda Richardson plays the show’s producer. Saunders’ character is also married to a gay man while her PR advisor is a transsexual played by Christopher Ryan.

Sounds like fun! It airs 9pm Monday July 28 on UKTV.

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  1. Justin is quite right about expectations of Jennifer Saunders.

    There were 5 bad-to-poor reviews in as many weeks in The Age Green Guide for Jam & Jerusalem, and none of the reviewers seemed to get the show (which many of us loved). It was also quite strange that there were so many reviews for a short run program, I don’t recall that happening for any other show.

  2. It’s interesting and somewhat frustrating that any new project of Jennifer’s gets compared to Ab Fab; Vivienne Vyle is only similar to Ab Fab in that it shares some of its cast, and the subject matters are loosely connected.

    Vivienne Vyle is witty, wry, and at times funny, but is mostly very dry, with some beautifully poignant and really heart-wrenching moments: it is not the laugh-a-minute sitcom that Ab Fab was.

    Jam and Jerusalem was slammed by almost every review I read, as it seemed everyone was expecting another Ab Fab. If you can get separate Jennifer Saunders from Edina Monsoon, you will love her as Vivienne Vyle.

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