Airdate: Voyage of the Damned

As previously reported, the ABC will screen the Dr Who Christmas special ‘Voyage of the Damned’ on Sunday June 29.

In a bold move, the broadcaster has scheduled it for 7:30pm -because the special is 72mins long.

Kylie Minogue guest stars as a waitress on the fatal voyage of the Titanic in this lavish episode. Writer Russell T. Davies has acknowledged The Poseidon Adventure as inspiration for much of its disaster-movie plotting.

The ABC will progress into the fourth series in the current revival the following Sunday, featuring Catherine Tate.

Should it remain at 7:30pm the Doctor will compete head to head with Big Brother, 60 Minutes and Battle of the Choirs.

Bring. It. On.

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  1. It’s never been 7:30 Sunday, a fiercely competitive timeslot. Normally ABC schedules such dramas at 8:30 with lighter / doco style content at 7:30. ABC is clearly throwing down the gauntlet to the BB demographic and meeting them head on.

  2. “In a bold move, the broadcaster has scheduled it for 7:30pm”

    Why is that bold? It used to be shown at 7.30pm I thought. Also, Dr Who used to be on at 6.30pm when I was a kid… It doesn’t seem any more graphic now than it was then. Guess they were really “bold” in the 80s?

  3. lancer, Dr Who isn’t made in HD and according to Russell T Davies won’t be made in HD “during his time” which could mean that maybe the next series will be in HD seeing as BBC want all their primetime shows to be HD

  4. Lancer, Doctor Who is not produced in HD (while Torchwood, on the other hand, is). The ABC’s HD channel will be showing it in upconverted SD. Though their upconversion is very good, and there’s another benefit – no watermark!

  5. FINALLY – I downloaded this on boxing day last year lol.
    Why its taken them so long to screen it is really bad – this should have been on much earlier.
    Can’t wait to see the wonderful Kylie – watch the ratings soar!!

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